September 27, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Corona Virus in the World – Wednesday Index News Bulletin

Organizers announced on Wednesday that the 27th International Book Fair in Târgu Mureş will be held mostly online again this year, due to restrictions introduced due to the corona virus infection.

Istvan Kali Kroli, president of the Hungarian Bookshop in Romania, expressed his deep disappointment at the cancellation of the last part of the largest book review exhibition in Transylvania between November 11 and 14.

This way, publishers will not be with their books and readers will only be able to shop online.

The organizer said the main goal of the book review was to create an opportunity for Transylvanian publishers who are forced to live in a narrow market to have their books meet readers. After last year’s 26th Book Fair, it will not be able to deliver this year as well, although due to epidemics, this year’s exhibition is scheduled to be small. 27 publishers from Transylvania and Hungary will participate, and the area of ​​the exhibition will be reduced from 240 square meters to 160 square meters.

According to the chairman of the book committee, it would have been important for publishers to “breathe oxygen” because the responses sent by 17 Hungarian publishers in Transylvania he interviewed revealed:

There was a loss of revenue of 35 to 70 percent last year.

Előd Szepessy, co-organizer of the Turku Muras Cultural Center, said they do not have to completely cancel events organized with physical presence, which is an improvement over last year, so additional literary and cultural performances of the exhibition can be viewed. Among them is a performance by actor Zsolt Bogdán entitled My Fast, a collection of poems by 70-year-old poet Bela Marco.

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The evening will be hosted by Péter Demény, István Káli, Júlia Király Kinga, András Ferenc Kovács, Zsolt Láng, Béla Markó, Csaba Rozádánd by Gärázázádánd dóbert, Péter Deméé, Ist. . There will be an interactive discussion on literature and cooking, invited by Andros Cerna-Sabo, Benedict Torrida, Julia Crawley Kinga, Agnes Judith Kiss and Christian Nayari.

They will be based on the idea of ​​Miklos Vamos and will present a performance entitled Romeo and Juliet and translations of Tesso Messoli starring Peter Rudolph and Esther Nagy-Gallosi. There will also be an interactive children’s concert performed by Eszter Bíró. Also, there will be a broadcast on the Facebook page of the book fair daily from 12 noon to 7 pm during the book review. There will also be a literature and reading promotion campaign where writers report on their reading experiences. The results of the competition for children will also be announced.

(Via MTI)