December 6, 2022

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Index – Abroad – Children deported, Hungarians in transcarpathia at risk

On Sunday night, the Russians launched several missile strikes in Kiev The biggest explosion He was in a mall. At least eight people died in the operation. The Russians released a video of Blake and its history on Monday night, saying the mall was a military target. The missiles were reloaded into Ukrainian refueling vehicles.

Opened fire on civilians

Already, according to a UN report on Monday At least 925 civilians were killed in the war. In this context, in today’s development of the Russian occupation Hersonys, people have been protesting for weeks. Soldiers opened fire on civilians. A member of parliament in Kiev said: For the same reason A curfew order was issued in the besieged capital.

This was stated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees At least 6.5 million people have already been displaced In Ukraine, at home or even abroad. However, for more than 400 thousand people this is a surprising development He has already returned to Ukraine.

The Ukrainians also reiterated that people, including children, were from Donbass during the day Deported, deported by Russians. According to state ministry spokeswoman Oleg Nikolenko, about 2,400 children have already been displaced.

Transcarpathians threatened, we interviewed leaving Roma, report from Kiev

Meanwhile, the Hungarians of Transcarpathia Again, they received such threatening newsWhich could have been seen before the war.

Said the Roma Index video from Ukraine Thanks for the welcome, Although they said it was difficult to cross the border, they were repeatedly deported. Our colleague in Kiev announced it in the eyes of the Ukrainians How siblings became orcs and pigs Russians after the events of recent weeks.

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Zhelensky spoke of the demands, and the negotiations did not progress

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky This morning, Russian attackers are looking for the Nazis in vain, but they They will be brought before the judgment seat of GodIf the war is not stopped. The Ukrainian president then summoned European leaders They stop trading altogether He spoke with the Russians later in the day What final warnings were received from them during the peace talks.

Negotiate anyway They continued Monday, Although no serious progress was seen. In this regard, the Kremlin reiterated its earlier statement More progress is needed before thatThat the two presidents may meet.

Mariupol lasts until the last man

The city of Mariupol, which had been besieged for several weeks, continued to stand. Sunday night is the city of the Russians Called In response, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine said on Monday: The guards would not lay down their armsThey fight to the last man.

The city was abandoned by the last foreign journalists and diplomats. Of the latter, he believes that the Greek Consul General is now the last to speak Nowhere else will they see things like what they saw in Mariupol.

Ammonia exploded, but they were released at Chernobyl

Monday morning Ammonia began to leak around Sumi After an explosion. The Ukrainian regional military commander asked people to stay in the basement or ground, if possible, because the stinking gas is lighter than air. Interestingly, last week both sides already accused each other of wanting to carry out a chemical attack. Now the Russians have said it The Ukrainians blew up their own factory.

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However, another catastrophe could have been avoided because the workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had been in continuous service since the beginning of the war. They may receive a change and leave the facility.

Number war with losses, hypersonic missiles

During the day the Ukrainians claimed to be Russians Already 15,000 soldiers have lost their lives In the fight. Surprisingly, a statement came from the Russian side on Monday night: Komsomolskaya Pravda, citing the Russian Defense Ministry, made the statement. So far 9861 soldiers have lost their lives since the fighting began (Information was later removed from the article). Meanwhile, the losses have been confirmed by both sides Created a map.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Will be used regularly Hypersonic missiles recently launched for the first time. They have talents before them Here is a summary.

Victor Orban worries about Griffins being warned again

The Prime Minister of Hungary said: NATO talks about dangerous plans, Some member states are considering ordering an air ban on Ukraine. Meanwhile, The The Hungarian Air Force also had to be alerted One flight from Moscow and one flight from Ukraine Due to unidentified aircraft.

(Cover: Firefighters at the scene of an explosion at a shopping mall in Kiev, Ukraine, on March 21, 2022. Photo: Reuters / Marco Dijurika)