June 3, 2023

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Index – Abroad – According to Zhelensky, Hungary makes its money in the blood of others

Volodymyr Zhelensky has accused European countries of continuing to buy Russian oil to make money from the blood of others. President of Ukraine A. To the BBC In the interview given

Highlighting Hungary and Germany in particular,

Insists they are blocking efforts to ban energy exports, which could generate £ 250 billion in revenue for Russia this year.

While Ukraine acknowledges that Berlin supports sanctions against Russia, it does not take for granted that it has so far opposed tough measures on oil sales.

Some of our friends and associates understand that other times are coming now and it is not a matter of business or money. It’s about survival

Zhelensky said Ukraine needed more weapons to defend itself against Russian attacks.

He highlighted the United States and the United Kingdom and some European countries that are trying to help but need more support, and as soon as possible.

President of Ukraine He has previously criticized Hungary and Germany. Really Prime Minister Victor Orban also addressed the gathering Vote in favor of extending sanctions against the Russians to the energy sector, and urge the Hungarian government to allow arms ships and send arms to Ukraine, urging Hungary not to buy gas and oil from Russia.

Victor Orban rejected these claims, saying they were against Hungary’s interests.

According to Zhelensky, many were taken to deeper camps in Russia

The Ukrainian president also pointed out that Russian troops had been forced to retreat from near the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and occupy the entire country, but feared that Russian President Vladimir Putin would re-establish troops in the east and south of the country. Areas and bloody conflicts can last a long time.

According to our reports, with the exception of tens of thousands of dead, many are still missing in Mariupol. We know that their documents were exchanged, they were issued Russian passports and taken deep into Russia. Some to camps, others to other cities. No one knows what is happening to them and how many people have died

Zhelensky said.

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The Ukrainian president also spoke of the assassination, while Mariupol and Buxa controlled the possibility of peace talks with the Russians.

What happened in Buxa complicates the situation. This is not about me, it’s about Russia. They will not have much opportunity to talk to us

Zhelensky also accused Putin of committing war crimes by the Russian military after his visit to Buxa.

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(Cover image: President of Ukraine Press Cher / Reuters)