June 6, 2023

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Indeed – abroad – the real plan of the Russians came to light, testified one of the built-in agents

According to the Ukrainian Secret Service (SZBU), the Ukrainian parliamentarian also helped Russia occupy Ukraine. MEP Andri Derkacs said the investigation oversaw the establishment of several private security firms in various regions “to use them for rapid acquisition of Ukraine”.

According to the Secret Service, the operational development of the network has been going on for a long time, but the SZBU finally neutralized it by arresting former parliamentary aide Ihor Koleshnikov at the beginning of the war. The Ukrainian side claimed that the detainee’s alias was a “soldier” and that he was a spokesman for the Russian Special Forces and Member of Parliament Andrzej Derkoks.

According to Kolesznyov, Dercox was hired in 2016 and has personally served under the high leadership of the GRU. According to the report, one of the private security companies specifically set up by the MB was supported by Russian public servants. GRU has set aside $ 3-4 million every few months to implement its plans. “As test items show, a significant portion of that money went into Dercox’s pocket,” the report said.

Kolsnikov presented a charge and testified after his arrest. He described in detail the activities of the network and its role in preparing for a full-scale war. In May, the court found him guilty of treason.

The plan is to ensure that these private security companies pass military equipment when troops march and cities surrender.

Kolsnikov said.

According to the testimony of Koleshnikov, the GRU planned to send two battalions from the Special Forces and Special Operations Forces to enter from Belarus and then occupy the government quarter in Kiev, occupying the capital where Verkhovna established a party in Rada. Ukraine parliament) will vote to form a new government, the report said Interfox According to.

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