June 1, 2023

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In the audio recording released by Hír TV, Tanítanek Movement member Bens Tordai did not speak.

On December 5, members of the Tanitanek movement took action in Parliament Hír TV provided an audio recording, in which a member of the Dunedans Párbeszéd is said to be consulting Hungary’s representative, Bens Tordai. A channel close to the government tried to prove that left-wing politicians were behind the movement. For Hvg.hu However, Katalin Törley and Bens Tortai, a member of Tanítanek, confirmed that a troll call could be heard on the recording.

Last Monday, nine members of Tanitaneck, students and teachers, first displayed their nine demands in the gallery during a parliamentary debate, then turned their backs and formed the word Tanitaneck in white letters on their black T-shirts. Párbeszéd’s representative Bens Tortai launched the campaign Broadcast on Facebook.

As it later turned out, the LMP’s Antal Csárdi allowed members of the movement into the gallery, so on Wednesday László Kövér revoked all access rights of the LMP faction for half a year – meaning the party could not invite any guests to parliament. Building, there are not many journalists for his press conferences.

After Danidanek’s action, Hir TV said in a statement that left-wing parties were behind the movement, and this was supported by an audio recording it obtained, in which “a representative of Barbesset gives specific instructions to someone he believes to be a member of the movement”. In the audio recording, Tordai talks about, among other things, the importance of maintaining their independence and gives tips on how to communicate about the act.

Katalin Törley told Hvg.hu that none of the members of the movement spoke to Bens Tordai on the phone, and that they did not consult political parties: “I don’t know how this recording was made, I think it’s possible. It’s a troll attack – nobody from our circle Bens Tordai It is certain that he did not call that”, he said.

This was confirmed by Bence Dordai, who, although he could be heard on the record, said he and his party had discovered it was not a member of the Dunedans at the other end of the line, and that details would be announced shortly. .

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The magazine contacted Hír TV about the origin of the recording, but they have not yet received a response.