June 2, 2023

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In Russia, a teacher kidnapped and tortured a little girl to death

The body of nine-year-old Sofia Zavoronkova was found by police in shock after fainting in her apartment by an English teacher one day after teaching: her head was broken, and her face and body were completely mutilated. The child had to endure terrible pain before he died: his teacher tortured him for five hours, stabbed him and cut his throat with a knife. A 40-year-old woman has been arrested by police for murder and child abduction. When it was over, he may have gone crazy because he lost his own child: Sofia resembled Lanskaya’s daughter, from whom the authorities had previously banned the woman, until he speaks, writes. Telestar.

Together with Sofia’s girlfriend Alella, he created flyers on a laptop and announced that he would save the planet and then distribute them to aliens.

The teacher who was subsequently arrested He saw the girls giving flyers to passersby and praised their effort.

Said to be Lanskaya, the mother of Allah

He gave them something as a reward from him, and then invited the girls to a bar of ice cream and other sweets. He then took them to his apartment. But Sofia did not come after that.

With the involvement of 272 volunteers, the police began searching for the girl with a large force, including Sofia’s mother, 32-year-old Anna Zavoronkova. The case caused a great deal of controversy on social media.

Police eventually found the girl’s girlfriend, Allah, who told her the home address of the teacher who last saw Sofia.

Police immediately rushed to the spot where they could not see Lanskaya, so they broke down the door and confronted the creepy scene:

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The little girl lay dead at home, her throat slit, and her head broken by the blunt object. There were wounds on his body and everything around him was covered with blood.

After finding Sofia’s body Eventually a hunt was launched against Lanskaya, who was caught on the train and arrested. The woman confessed to the murder and was detained by police for two months as investigations continued.

Source: Social Media / East 2 West News

Later in court, Lanskaya said:

I admit what I did because I was not going to live long anyway. I’m feeling bad, I’m very sick. “

Police say there is no clear evidence that the woman is actually ill. But they learned about it

She was very upset for a while because the authorities forbade her to raise her son and daughter, and Sofia was like her own little girl.

The author did confusing, almost irrelevant things:

He told his healthy daughter that he was suffering from cancer and needed emergency medical treatment and threatened his child with a knife.

According to acquaintances, Lanskaya was an educated, intelligent woman who spoke and taught many languages. They were all shocked to see what he had done.

The girl’s memorial was held, where hundreds of people appeared with flowers.

Locals say the tragic incident has saddened everyone in the area:

People in the streets have said almost a word since this incident and everyone is crying.