September 28, 2023

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In Pompeii, the pioneer of pizza was discovered – only without tomatoes and cheese

June 27, 2023 – 8:27 pm

Photo: Parco Archeologico di Pompeii Press Office / AFP

Nicolette Hallas

Even the ancient Romans loved pizza, a little differently than we do – at least, that’s what archaeologists researching Pompeii found in the ruins of an ancient house depicting a contemporary feast. Very reminiscent of a pizza, only without the cheese and tomatoes, he writes Yahoo News.

The 2,000-year-old painting depicts a round flatbread on a silver plate, fresh and dried fruits such as pomegranates and dates, and a goblet filled with red wine. According to archaeologists, the flat bread shown in the painting may have been eaten together with fruits.

While the food depicted in the fresco can’t technically be considered pizza because it lacks classic ingredients, it may still be “a distant cousin of modern food,” the park’s experts wrote in their report.

Pompeii is an ancient Roman ruined city near Naples in the Italian region of Campania. Archaeologists estimate that 15-20 percent of the city’s population died when Mount Vesuvius erupted 2,000 years ago, burying everything under thick ash. Archaeologists are trying to find treasures buried under the ashes.

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