September 27, 2023

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In one video, he threatens anonymous Putin

personally To Vladimir Putin Sent a threatening message to an anonymous person – writes LADbible. In the video, the masked member of the group summarizes the recent events in Ukraine in a distorted voice, demonstrating that the Russian president is violating human rights and the right of self-determination of neighboring countries.

According to Anonymous, although Putin correctly criticized the United States and NATO for bombing and occupying the Middle East, it has now been proven that the Russian president is no better than the imperialist governments he has criticized. The group sees Putin’s campaign around the world, and its own citizens are already against it. Anonymous says Putin can expect growing discontent because sanctions against Russia will also have a major impact on the population.

The panel says the Russian president can expect unprecedented cyber attacks from around the world.

As they recall, Anonymous had previously declared a cyber war. In recent days, many Russian government sites have been involved Made inaccessible Hackers.

According to the panel, this is just the beginning, Putin may soon feel the wrath of hackers around the world, many of whom are likely to operate from Russia. In the video, they threaten that the Russian president’s secrets will not be safe for long and that they could hijack key elements of the government’s infrastructure. According to Anonymous, this is not a war that can be won no matter how strong Putin feels.

Declared anonymous cyber war after the occupation of Ukraine. The group has created a number of sites temporarily inaccessible to the Russian government, including the Russia Today interface.

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