September 29, 2023

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In Brussels, the “Stop – Stop” button is pressed at nuclear power plants

Energy price explosion Here, a continental coal and nuclear power plant lobby There he criedThe Belgian government has unhesitatingly confirmed its earlier decision to close all nuclear power plants in the country by 2025. With all this in mind, Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz spoke to reporters, stressing that research and investment in new nuclear technologies will continue, even if energy use is phased out.

The country’s nuclear debt was settled within three years in 2003: after 40 years of operation and operation, all nuclear reactors in Belgium were permanently shut down and new ones banned.

Alexander de Groo told a news conference that the current seven-party Belgian regime had decided to close nuclear power plants in Belgium within four years. – An agreement has been reached to be a security hub. The scene we choose is safe for both companies and Hungary, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau La Libre Belgium According to the French language daily.

They also need a mini nook

However, the Prime Minister said that the country would invest at least 100 million euros (approximately 36 billion forinders) in future nuclear research. Englishman And Bill Gates-and Small modular furnaces (SMR)

[megjegyzés: Évi százmillió euróból sosem lesz új belga atomerőmű, mivel ez az összeg legfeljebb az alapkutatásokra elegendő. A már teszt-, vagy pilot megvalósításba kezdett cégek SMR blokkonként nagyságrendileg 2 milliárd eurós prototípus árral kalkulálnak. Az viszont megint más kérdés, hogy jelenleg nincs gyártásra kész technológia, és a legmerészebb ígéretek is 2030 körül elérhető technológiai érettséget és sorozatgyártási szint elérést ígérnek. Ha a költségszintek és a határidők valóban tarthatók, akkor is kérdés, hogy a moduláris technológia az atomenergetikában valóban a jövő energetikai útját jelenti-e.]

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According to de Crowe, it is also important to determine how Belgium will compensate for the energy shortages caused by the defunct reactors, which are not small because seven reactors must be compensated. In this regard, the government is preparing to adopt a new energy law aimed at achieving and maintaining emissions neutrality beyond 2050.

According to a Belgian newspaper, the final decision on the phasing out of nuclear power will be made on March 18, when the Belgian Energy Security Agency will submit a report on long-term energy security. One of the key conditions for securing the power supply is the issuance of an operating license on March 15 for the Wilwort Gas Power Station near Brussels.

None of the seven survived

Seven nuclear reactors are currently operating at two nuclear power plants in Belgium. Engie, a French-owned power company, operates power plants in the eastern part of the country, near Tihange, in northern Belgium, near Dole. Plans to close Dolly’s Unit 3 in 2022, Thihang’s Unit 2 in 2023 and other reactors before 2025.

Old nuclear power plants have many problems that need to be repaired and maintained frequently, and the fact that they have become so common is behind the decision. See also box box nuclear case: Restart of old nuclear power plants often involves unexpected problems and delays, i.e. more unexpected production losses.

The status of the Belgian nuclear navy is indicated by the fact that in the fall of 2018, six of the seven units were forced out. Had to be stopped, And nuclear reactors must be removed from power generation. Incidentally, the power plants were not operated by a Belgian company, but by the French energy supplier Engie.

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Atomic energy currently supplies about 40 percent of Belgium’s energy.