September 29, 2023

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In Belgium, safety certificates are already required across the country

MTI writes that the Belgian government has intensified measures against the spread of the corona virus and is introducing QR codes across the country to enter restaurants, entertainment venues and sports facilities. This Alexander de Crowe The Belgian prime minister made the announcement at a press conference on Tuesday evening following an extraordinary meeting of the Federal Coordinating Committee for the Fight against the Corona Virus.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of infections, an increase of 70 percent over the past week, and an average of 5,300 new cases are registered per day. Without the vaccine, the condition of our hospitals would be catastrophic. In this situation, there is a need to coordinate activities at the federal level

Said the Prime Minister. According to Belgian officials, 74% of Belgian citizens over the age of 18 have received two doses of the vaccine, and children between the ages of 12 and 18 have already begun to be vaccinated.

But the vaccine is a very effective tool in the fight against infection, which reduces the number of hospital admissions by 70 percent and the number of deaths by 90 percent, Crew stressed. In Belgium last week, the average number of patients admitted to the hospital with the Covid-19 virus a day increased by 56 percent to 115 and the number of deaths increased by 13 percent to 13 a day.

QR codes were introduced nationwide as the most important new disease control measure, previously only available in the Brussels-capital region. In Brussels, the country with the lowest vaccination rate, 67 percent of adults are fully vaccinated.

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From November 1, these electronic licenses and security certificates will be required in Walloon, in the south of France, and in Flanders, in the north of the Netherlands.

Belgians can go to restaurants, concert halls, cinemas, theaters and sports venues or meet hospital patients only if they have received the two-dose vaccine at least two weeks in advance and have received the Govit-19 vaccine in the past six months. There was PCR in the last 72 hours. The test was performed and the test was negative.

In Flanders, where authorities have abolished the wearing of masks, the use of masks at home will now be mandatory again. Restrictions on wearing masks across the country have been tightened.

All workplaces are advised to transfer their employees to telecommunications, although this is not yet mandatory. Brussels is not yet considering the introduction of a new short circuit, but officials say they are closely monitoring the situation.