June 1, 2023

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If Germany wants to, it can restart Russian gas at the push of a button

In his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin spoke about the energy crisis affecting the world. He explained that many energy carriers could be sold in his country, and if the West was willing to trade with them, Europe would not be able to stop it. He explained that

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline ready for delivery,

According to him, if Germany wants, the export can start tomorrow.

Photo: Sergey Popiliov / AFP

Just push a button

Russian President said. He added that he considers rumors that Russia will use energy as a weapon to threaten Europe to be nonsense.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Vladivostok to address the Eastern Economic Forum. The event has been held every year since 2015 to promote foreign investment in Russia’s Far East.

But according to him

Ukraine and Poland deliberately block gas supplies from Russia to Europe.

To sharpen the conflict.

Putin spoke Also about the case of the mysterious turbine. He explained that Gazprom had approached its British subsidiary Siemens about the device, but its queries had not been answered.

The Head of State commented on the appointment of Liz Truss as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In this regard, his insight is that the practice of electing leaders in Great Britain is far from democratic ideals. He added that Truss and his government must now decide what kind of relationship the British and Russians will have.

– said Vladimir Putin.