July 6, 2022

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I went to the Pebble Bar Pete Davidson in New York City

I went to the Pebble Bar Pete Davidson in New York City

One server mentioned that 500 Miles High and Rawhide Margarita were the most popular and most controversially the best drinks on the menu – of course I took her suggestion.

A Rawhide Margarita (left) and 500 Miles High Cocktail (right) from Pebble Bar.

Rachel Askenassi / Insider

The first drink our server mentioned was the 500 Miles, which costs $20 and is made using yuzu choux, lychee, St. George’s pear brandy, lime leaf and shiso.

She was right – it was amazing. I have not tasted lychee in particular. I felt it was more prominent in the color of the drink. My palate was able to pick up notes of pear and yuzu, but I think that in general, not one ingredient was so overpowering the others. It tasted as if they had all worked together to deliver a unique flavor that was much appreciated. It was also not overly sweet despite the brandy in it, which I loved. I Not A fan of sweet drinks.

The margarita was also mentioned as a high point on the cocktail list, and after trying it I would agree.

This classic costs $21 and is made with lime and agave and your choice of either Herradura Ultra AƱejo tequila or Dos Hombres Mezcal.

When he tasted the margarita, which we ordered with tequila, I was instantly refreshed. It tasted pure and simple, and the sweetness was pretty straight forward rather than sugary.

Both drinks were delicious, and honestly, I wouldn’t mind spending $20+ on them again or even risking $20+ to try a different cocktail on the menu.

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