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Character assassination is a useful tool, but there is no guarantee that it will work in all cases – it can easily backfire. An excerpt from Kornél Bőhm’s role as a communications expert in the book Murder.

Boomerang effect

The boomerang effect (in this context English: regression effect) is a good sign of the moment when a project fails backwards and the action directly harms the person who started it. Character murder is, of course, an exception to the rule of law that has a negative impact on the designer / executor. However, the risk of this must be taken into account.

The Boomerang phenomenon was first described in 1953. Its main feature is that the negative message is on the “support” side, i.e. echoes the sender, causing anger and ultimately diminishing his popularity. It has been shown that the formation of the effect in question is affected not only by emotions and tone, but also by the context in which negative content appears.

Based on these it can be said that the impact will be stronger if the message is adapted to its context. Conversely, if most of the news around it is positive, the negative, if not credible enough, can backfire.

Affected syndrome

Other major risk factors other than the boomerang effect. This happens when negative news is found to be unreasonable, excessive, or very offensive to the recipient and they feel sorry for the aggrieved party. It evokes more positive emotions from sympathizers, all of which ultimately increase the popularity of the attacked party.

In Canada, in the 1993 election, Liberal Party leader Jean Gretchen, who suffered a unilateral paralysis as a result of a serious illness, eventually benefited from the relentless onslaught. The Progressive Conservative Party has linked Cretan’s image as prime ministerial candidate to one of the most unfavorable circumstances, and the title suggests that someone in that position deserves to lead the country.

However, the physical condition, the mockery of the disease, provoked sympathy among the electorate, and the Liberals exceeded all expectations in this election.

Pair comparison, mud throwing

Character killer loss can also occur as a result of pair comparison. In such cases, the ad is subject to a negative evaluation by both parties, rather than a negative effect on the defendant and a positive effect on the user’s evaluation. In this case, voters feel the political struggle is being muddied and “punish” both participants equally, regardless of who the message is coming from. Both contestants may go unpopular, and the result will be a sharp drop in the will to vote.

Pair comparison can be useful when a stumbling block is severe by those who are unreliable in specifying moral heights. It is seen by the public as a hypocritical, hypocritical attitude and punished immediately. In the wake of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment, Hustler paid $ 1 million to someone who provided information about a similar scandal to Republican MPs Larry Flynn, publisher of the pornographic magazine. Bob Livingston Bob Livingston, the victim of discriminatory propaganda, would have been drafted now as a Republican.

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Throwing mud at each other or each other will ultimately have an adverse effect on the democratic electoral processes and the moral judgment of the elections. As they wait anxiously until the end of this stage of public life and everything returns to normal, the public bears the brunt of the unbroken wreckage and tends to exclude the ever-fighting parties from their lives.

Demonstration competition

It is an event where the opposing parties speak under different linguistic names about the same event, thus attempting to force a story in their favor that is most favorable to them. (For example, they talk about “job search assistance” instead of “unemployment benefits.”)

“Image magic” may appear with a photograph of Winston Churchill in 1940, one of the most devastating years of World War II. In the picture, the British Prime Minister of World War II snatches an American-made machine gun from the hand of a British soldier and poses as if on patrol. The photo of the war criminal Churchill with a gun in his mouth, a hard hat and a bow tie with the same weapon as Al Gabon, the largest American mob of this century, was provided by the German campaign.

The British campaign was not restless either, they used photography (redouching of soldiers in the background) as a testament to the fearless courage and determination of the eccentric Prime Minister in civilian clothes. This photograph eventually became a symbol of anti-British sentiment.

Human impact

Compassion occurs when they want to end a victim with something they did not do or when their sin is less than the “revenge” that is going on against them. Exaggerated verbal killings, outdated acts that already provoke secondary humiliation, can provoke sympathy for the victim, as many weaker teams with multiple-goal disadvantages play in the World Cup.

According to a study conducted in 2004 by George W. Bush’s re-election was helped by the fact that there was no public opinion and he was attacked in many, many ways.
He wanted and was able to get more, and they left reasonable criticism next to their ears.

According to surveys, Kyula Horn, the winner of the bizarre crash she faced in 1994, certainly improved her election chances, resulting in the appearance of a common medical backbone in her campaign hair – common language and what she called the crown. In a way, this sympathy and kindness helped Peter Metcalfe, who maintained his position in the debate with Victor Orban against the Prime Minister, although his rhetorical skills did not come close to that of the ruling Prime Minister.

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A similar policy was followed in another public debate in the United States in 2016, when Republican presidential candidates, including runner-up Donald Trump, were more likely to be in the race, but that night was not about that yet. The controversy became unforgettable as Marco rubbed Rubio and Chris Christie: for twenty-five seconds, he hit the beautiful but humble Rubio right for not being able to repeat anything other than the revelations he had already learned. . Rubio smiled in confusion and began to repeat the lesson he had previously abandoned, proving the accusation. Christie sat down at a cake and drove one of her opponents out of the race, but it turned out that she was: People did not want to recognize the brilliant but bad-tempered presidential candidate expressing his superiority.

The wise often seem arrogant, and their innocence makes it hard to love them – people are a little more ordinary, more humane and sometimes want to identify with the wrong.

The above article was written by Cornell Bom Character murder Edited description of his book. From the module we can learn not only the mechanism of action of character murder, but also how to effectively combat expiration. You can order the book at a discount here.


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