February 3, 2023

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Hungary was among the leaders on this list – only a handful of countries in the entire world surpassed it

One Elise JevoryPublished by Middle East Eye journalist, A Reuters Events Based on a list based on the data, an interesting picture emerges about popular restructuring and relocation destinations for European companies.

The most common response at the top of the list is 24.8%, who relocate their production to the country where the goods have their final market, a preference followed by individual countries.

Top 12 in the list:

  1. Poland, 23.3%
  2. Germany 19.4%
  3. Turkey 12.4%
  4. United Kingdom 10.9%
  5. USA 10.1%
  6. Vietnam 10.1%
  7. France 8.5%
  8. Romania 8.5%
  9. Czech Republic 7.8%
  10. India 7.8%
  11. China 7.0%
  12. Hungary 7.0%

There are many interesting things in the list. The first, of course, is Hungary’s 12th best ranking globally, tied with China. EU membership and low wages certainly play a significant role in this ranking.

An interesting trend is that among the (former) EU core countries, the most populous countries in Northern Europe (Great Britain, Germany, France) have an important place, as well as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and our country East Central Europe.

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