September 28, 2023

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Humanity’s lust for unlimited money and power leaves no room for the poor and the forgotten: Pope Francis

In a vigil at St. Peter’s Basilica, held without pandemic restrictions for the first time since 2019, Pope Francis urged us on Christmas Eve to seek solidarity with each other, the true values ​​of life and acts of goodness.

According to MTI, Pope Francis began his speech by asking what the night of Jesus’ birth still reflects in our lives. Two thousand years after the birth of Jesus, after so many celebrations full of decorations and gifts, after consumption that pushes the birth into the background, he believed that we are in danger of forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

According to the telegraph office, the latter can be found in the manger, a symbol of closeness to each other, poverty and practical actions. The head of the church added, animals find food in the stable, on the other hand, man devours everything, he is hungry for power and money, he even destroys his own brothers.

What a battle! Even today in how many places they trample on dignity and freedom! The first victims of human greed are always fragile and weak. (…) Humanity, which craves unlimited money, power and pleasure, leaves no room for the small, the unborn, the poor, the forgotten, like Jesus.

– The Pope said that poverty, wars and injustice have eaten away children. He noted that Jesus appeared in a stable of rejection and exclusion among the people.

He called the only force capable of bringing about a change in the course of history, which is not far away and does not command power, but is close and humble. He explained: Humanity’s problems are where God is, in the indifference created by all-consuming possessions and consumption, where events crush people to the ground, where people are tormented by their own guilt and helplessness, where they thirst for justice.

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Pope Francis calls on all to be courageous in the face of fear, complacency and despair. “Just when you think you have reached the rock, God is born in a tank to give you a rebirth,” the church leader said. The poverty of the stable in Bethlehem shows the true richness of life, which does not refer to possession of power and money, but to relationships with our fellow human beings. he said:

In our world, Jesus is also found in the poor manger.

Known as the Bishop of the Poor, Salvadoran was canonized in 2018 Oscar Romero He cited that social, economic and political changes should consider the welfare of the poor.

For the first time in two years, the basilica was completely filled, even chairs were placed in St. Peter’s Square to accommodate as many people as possible. Last year, a limited number of worshipers were allowed and the use of masks was mandatory. According to the Holy See’s data, the basilica now housed seven thousand people.