September 29, 2023

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Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks talks casting with mentor Ptosha Storey


Hot Felon Jeremy Mix

Acting talks next to Mentor

Btosha Story Show How!!!

Jeremy Mix He’s become a complete Hollywood after leaving his life of crime — now, he has a vet who’s taken him under her wing… one Betosha Storywho raves about her stepson.

We got the former “sexy criminal” — who became famous online for his attractive pictorial back in the day — on LAX Monday… and he’s been telling us all about his new career in entertainment… including a slew of movies and TV shows. which he has been acting in for the past few years now.

We’ve caught him at the airport before, but here… he had company. Petusha was right next to him — and she was also singing Jeremy’s praises the whole time — like, a lot.

Check it out…we get into a long run on the acting career, and what exactly JM does to get into character–and, perhaps just as important, how PS showed him the ropes after a long and scripted career of her own… dating back to the ’90s.

As you can see, Ptosha has nothing but good things to say about Jeremy – who she says is a naturally talented actor… which she believes relates to his many life experiences.

We also asked Jeremy how he gets into character for his projects these days…and the guy was candid, saying he has to go to dark places sometimes – and it’s not always easy to pull that off. Sounds like a straight forward future Oscar winner, if you ask us!!!

It’s a pretty sweet reunion – for starters, you can tell Tusha really believes in Jeremy, and it’s very clear that the guy is very grateful for her support and wisdom. For an update on that Biography seriesAnd He wanted it to happen… no real update yet, at least not now.

However, he is still busy.

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