European Conservative Party leaders will serve in a coalition of populist parties, but one important player chose Rome over Warsaw.

The Hungarian prime minister traveled to the Polish capital in hopes of forming a larger European populist coalition. In his Facebook video.

In it, he rejected government propaganda about immigration and child protection, and said he wanted to give a voice to the millions who felt they were under-represented. “We have been preparing for a strong and influential party alliance for many months … I hope we will take an important step in this direction today and tomorrow,” he said.

The working session of the European Conservative Party leaders began with dinner on Friday, but before that Victor Orban had a face-to-face meeting with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Despite previous domestic reports that populist parties could form a coalition, the urologist wrote on Wednesday that they could continue the conversation they had begun earlier.

There are many questions surrounding Fitzgerald’s plans to create an EU division

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It also points to the fact that Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian League, one of the key forces and promoters of the Confederacy, will not attend.

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He says he works for a center-right faction and later said of the Warsaw summit, “I have no intention of imposing anyone, but I see it as the main pole of a moderate, conservative, proud and pro-identity. Politically in Italy and Europe, it’s good for everyone.”

Instead of Salvini, he traveled to Rome instead of Warsaw on Friday, where he attended a meeting of the Christian Democratic Union (UDC) on the perspectives of the Italian and European right-wing and center-right parties.

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The much-anticipated meeting moved with the arrival of Le Pen in Budapest

Laszlo Arado (Eurologus)Eurologus

According to Western European newspapers, both Victor Orban and Marine Le Pen hope that their meeting will help them break out of their international isolation.

It does not seem likely that Victor Orban will create a populist international

Young Victoriahvg360

I never wanted to join a club that accepted me as a member, ”said Woody Allen. The Hungarian Prime Minister has maneuvered himself into a situation where he cannot be so rude.

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A találkozó, amitől mindenki előnyt remélt – megmozgatta a sajtót Le Pen budapesti látogatása

A nyugat-európai sajtó arról ír, hogy Orbán Viktor és Marine Le Pen is azt reméli, találkozójuk segít nekik kitörni a nemzetközi elszigeteltségükből.