Victor Orban’s statement against Muslims shook many politicians.

“Orban, through Dodik, is preparing for the Crystal Night of Muslims in Europe,” he said. Euronews Semsudin Mehmadovic, Representative of the Bosnian Legislative Assembly in Bosnia In a Facebook post. His pessimistic comment, according to the article, was triggered by events in recent months. EU lawmakers see growing political tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and believe Milorad Dodik, a member of the BiH presidency, is responsible.

According to Mehmedovich, the main problem in the region is not Bosnia, but the EU’s attitude to emerging right – wing extremist movements such as Dodik, Orban and Jansa. [a szlovén miniszterelnök – a szerk.] And, overall, to all those who threaten the political stability of Europe. The MP then lists his concerns: he thinks he should play a key role Hungary wants to break EU sanctions against Todi; In his view, he is on the side of those who deny genocide.

Moreover, one of Orban’s statements in Sarajevo was that he said in a government statement late last year that “the stars are not doing well, but they have never done well (…) I will do all I can.” , But the main issue for their security is how to determine the security of a state with two million Muslims.

“We are not immigrants, but, unlike the Orbans and Dodiks, an Native European people.

It is clear to everyone that Urban is the mobilizer of the European forces preparing the Muslim Crystal Night.

On the night of Crystal Night in Germany on November 9, 1938, the Nazis looted, damaged, or destroyed 267 synagogues. Hundreds died that night and thirty thousand Jews were deported to concentration camps.

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Euronews writes that Mehmetovic actually described the position of Sefik Zaferovich, a Bosnian member of the three-member presidency of Bosnia, Serbian and Croatian, who described the Hungarian prime minister’s view of Muslims in December as “shameful and rude”.

According to the article, Orbán Dzaferovic visited Sarajevo by the end of January, saying that Zorran Tegeltija, a Serbian national and chairman of the cabinet, had invited the head of state to attend.

Orbán’s official visit was previously scheduled for January 25, but it was postponed due to an outbreak, according to Zoran Tegeltija’s office. Euronews wrote to the Prime Minister’s spokesman, Bertolon Hawassi, and asked if they had really canceled the road.

We always provide the press with information on the Prime Minister’s official foreign trips. demanded an answer to the words of the Bosnian politician, we will update the article as soon as we get the answer.


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