According to the study, one in five judges of the European Court of Human Rights belong to the Soros organization.

Zoltán Lomnici, chairman of the Human Dignity Council, considers a European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) study to be a serious corruption scandal affecting the international judiciary, with “22 out of 100 judges of the Soros Open Society Foundation”.

The former chief justice, who released the statement on state television, said the ECTHR’s decisions “determine a number of cases pending in member states.” “That’s why it does not matter whether there are independent judges in the ECTHR who comply with the requirements of a fair trial.

At a press conference on the same topic on Monday, Lomnici revised the rules on representation in the European Court of Human Rights, following the actions initiated by European Council MP Paul Sigmund Barna. And conflict of interest. As a result, he said, the judges accused of being associated with Soros organizations were not on the panel in the April election.

Lomnizi’s statements are very strong in light of the fact that the Observer, who is close to Fitzgerald, has previously published a direct Soros list of those they consider to be associated with the base of the millionaire of Hungarian descent. We wrote more about this here:

(Our opening image shows ECTHR’s meeting room.)

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