Currently, 2 percent of schools have a measure of corona virus cases.

Will vaccines return to “default”? All: What is “new” normal? Are we traveling? Are we on vacation? Police? Are we going to the theater and to the concert? How threatening are the various mutations in the virus? Should we be afraid of the fourth, fifth or many waves? In our series of articles you will find everything you need to know about corona virus infection.

A large number of educational institutions have to take action against corona virus diseases His famous word Citing information from the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi). Responding to a paper question, the ministry said 2 percent of schools – or approximately 270 workplaces – are currently affected by the “teaching activity”. It usually affects one class at a time; As far as Emmy knows, in the school year that began in September, there was no example of an entire school having to order this.

However, according to the authors’ interest protection agencies, official data do not always obscure reality because there is still no meaningful communication research or mandatory testing. Epidemiological rules are not centralized – for example, wearing a mask or measuring body temperature is not mandatory – however these may be decided by the schools themselves. Edulin, as written by HVG’s Special Education Portal: Students in many elementary and middle schools must wear a face mask in the classroom.

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However, according to Napsawa, the government seems to have changed a rule: according to Emmy’s response, certified victims – whether they are teachers, school staff or students – must recover from the infection within ten months or have been vaccinated. The action plan, which was sent to schools at the beginning of the school year, also said Recovered and vaccinated persons are not considered contact persons They are not subject to isolated duty.

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Many schools have returned to digital education due to the infection

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According to the vice president of the Teachers Association, the Austrian model should be followed: all classes should be tested weekly.

Emmy: One percent of schools had to deal with corona

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This school year, the entire school does not have to close. The ministry has confirmed that online education for those over 12 years of age will not be available as a general rule, as those ages can already be vaccinated.

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