At the top of his front page, in Orego, near the government, was the news of “World War III has begun” on Wednesday afternoon. As soon as it was over, the opinion of one of the Russian state television presenters about Ukraine was actually taken, which was done 9 days ago.

Vladimir Putin launched a so-called “special military operation” against Ukraine. The fighting, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Russian citizens, has been going on for weeks. We report all progress on our series.

After one of the Russian state television channels, The Rosia-1 Russia’s “special operation” ends, World War III begins, Orego He immediately put it on its cover as an unusual message, without any context:

Announcement: World War III begins.

By clicking on the title, from the article, incidentally, the official announcement reveals that the dropped comment from the Russian state television presenter is nothing more than his personal explanation of what is happening in Ukraine.

The Orego Notice a special text 444.Hoo In addition to that He drew attentionThe new, unusual news, already misleading headline, was reported 9 days ago in a story, reported on a show running on the Russian state channel on May 31st.

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