October 4, 2022

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Here’s the shocking news on Brussels sanctions

The Wall Street Journal, an American business paper, concluded in a stunning article that it was the US economy that won the war sanctions, and that the damage to the European economy would last forever. Mandarin writes.

The newspaper explained that European companies producing steel, fertilizer and other raw materials are moving their operations to the US due to skyrocketing gas prices, highly predictable energy prices and massive government subsidies.

While sharp fluctuations in energy prices and persistent problems with supply chains threaten to destroy industrial production in Europe, Washington has made several concessions to support manufacturing and green energy. According to the article, processes are increasingly playing into the hands of the United States, Especially for companies that produce chemicals, batteries, and other energy-intensive products.

The newspaper explained that Danish jewelry maker Pandora and Volkswagen announced US expansion earlier this year, and Tesla is suspending operation of a battery factory in Germany.

We will suffer from the consequences of economic sanctions for many years – writes the newspaper, according to which the continent – at least for gas – will have to face high prices even in 2024, which threatens to make the damage of the European manufacturing sector last forever. .

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