July 7, 2022

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He filed a lawsuit against EP Ursula von der Lein after he began Hungarian legal proceedings.

Linked to Twitter message Results The head of the European Court of Justice has decided to close the case against Ursula van der Leyen as the European Parliament indicated on May 18 that it did not want to pursue the case. The order is still due June 8, but was only announced by the board today.

So all this since the start of the long-awaited practice against Hungary at the end of April, The EP considered the case ineligible and withdrew.

The portfolio wrote in detail what is in the letter and what the challenges are for the Hungarian government and the European Commission to fund the development and rehabilitation of the new cycle.

For example, an analyst at Societe Generale, a major French bank, did not believe a deal would be reached by the end of this year, so 70% of the country would fail – and money would be cut by a third next year.

Last week, the Hungarian Minister of Regional Development, Deborah Novrasiks, held several talks in Brussels, about which he shared mixed news, which is important. The deadline for the Hungarian government to respond to the commission’s proposals in the ruling letter of the law ends on June 27.

Cover image source: European Union, European Commission Media Library

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