August 14, 2022

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György Nógrádi: You Can’t Survive Nuclear War (Video)

On Saturday, Odessa, a defense policy expert, also spoke about the attacks on Joe Biden and the ongoing issues of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Security policy expert Giorgi Nogradi “Ask Giorgi Nogrady!” In his latest broadcast, he also talked about Odessa, the attacks on Joe Biden and the current issues of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Talking about Odessa

Asked whether Odessa would be the target of Russian attacks, the defense policy expert replied that the Russians would have to decide. As he said,

The Russians achieved most of the set goal,

A significant part of the Donbass is Russian, and they are advancing. No one has access to Crimea. Will they go south and cut off Ukraine from the sea? Yes or no? There is logic in both. We will look at Russian steps.

Talking about the President of the United States

In response to a question, Giorgi Nogradi also expressed his opinion about the US President. As he said: “I have great respect for American presidents. But

Poor Biden is given small pieces of paper and it’s a joke how long it takes to say what. Obviously, he cannot represent America today and lead the Western world.”

– emphasized the expert.

About the situation in Russia and NATO

György Nógrádi answered a question about the situation in Russia and NATO, “The situation is very serious right now.” He added:

What I see now: The parties do not expect a compromise. Now you can’t escape nuclear war”

– said the expert. In addition, he is, in his opinion, among other things, the son of Georgi Soros and, as he said, “He knows nothing about world politics, I’m sorry, no one if he is not his father, and he is one of the richest people in America, he says that military action should be taken against him. Don’t be afraid of Russia and nuclear power, unworthy country”.

Watch the full broadcast below:

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Opening image: frame from broadcast