July 7, 2022

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Greatness: Members of homosexual and bisexual male communities are still at risk

John Brooks, CDC official, insisted

Anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can capture greatness through close personal contact. However, men who identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual are by far more likely to be victims worldwide.

Although they are now more likely to suffer from smallpox, he emphasized that this does not mean that only homosexuals and bisexuals are at risk. CNBC According to his statement.

Eczema is a sexually transmitted disease that is usually spread through semen or vaginal fluid, but also through sexual contact and close bedding. The virus is spread through body fluids and wounds, Brooks said. He pointed out that it is important for physicians and individuals to be aware of the symptoms associated with gonorrhea, especially anal or genital lesions that can be confused with herpes, syphilis or chicken pox.

Anyone who develops rashes or sores on their genitals, anus or any other area should be thoroughly examined before they have experienced it before, Brooks said.

In the United States, one case of measles has been confirmed in Massachusetts and four orthopoxia cases have been confirmed in New York, Florida and Utah, CDC official Jennifer McWiston said. State laboratories have tests that can detect suspected orthophoxia, but these should be sent to the CDC in Atlanta for further analysis to confirm the diagnosis, McQuiston said.

McWiston said the cases identified in the United States were of mild West African descent. He added that most people who catch the virus will recover in two to four weeks without special treatment.

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