August 13, 2022

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Government ready for deal with European Commission – news of the day

The Minister of Justice posted on his Facebook page that Hungary is ready for the deal. Judith Varga emphasized that the European Commission’s proposals were accepted in four important areas. He reiterated that the ratio of single bidder public procurement in national public procurement will also be reduced below 15 percent. He said that Hungary should use a significant part of the EU’s resources to achieve the greatest possible energy independence. The head of the ministry announced: The Hungarian people will get the resources they are entitled to.

The Secretary of State and Commerce has confirmed that the United States has abrogated the Double Taxation Treaty that was signed with Hungary 43 years ago.. According to Péter Szijjártó’s Facebook post, the reason is clear: Hungary opposes the introduction of a universal minimum tax and the accompanying tax increase. Introducing a universal minimum tax would double the corporate tax burden on Hungarian manufacturing companies, putting tens of thousands of Hungarian jobs at risk, he said.

The finance minister said in an interview with the Telegraph that the United States wants to put pressure on Hungary by terminating the treaty on the avoidance of double taxation. Mihaly Varga said he was not surprised by the US president’s decision, as before the June meeting of EU member states’ finance ministers, the US finance minister announced by phone that Hungary had not changed its position on the global minimum. tax, then the bilateral agreement may be terminated.

Opposition representatives appealed to the Constitutional Court as the teachers’ right to strike was denied. Agnes Gunhalmi, who started the petition, wrote in her statement: Parliament revoked teachers’ right to strike, banning the exercise of the right to strike, on the government’s recommendation. The co-chair of the MSZP announced that they would request the Constitutional Court to annul the regulation.

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Viktor Orban received the Montenegrin head of state at a working lunch at the Carmelite monastery – Bertalan Havasi, Prime Minister’s Press Officer said. Economic Development Minister Morton Nagy also participated in the meeting between Milo Djukanovic and the Prime Minister of Hungary. The parties discussed economic cooperation between Hungary and Montenegro, but also assessed current international events, the war in Ukraine, the resulting economic crisis and war inflation, as well as the migration crisis, the prime minister’s press secretary said.

After Central Europe, the President continues to strengthen Hungary’s international relations in Latin America. Katalin Novák added on her Facebook page: She was invited to Brazil because they have been monitoring how Hungary helps families for years. The President will first visit the naval base in Rio de Janeiro and then meet with students and Hungarians living abroad. Catalin Novak will hold talks with President Jair Bolsonaro in Brasilia. He also visits the Hungarian community living in São Paulo and lectures on the support of families in Hungary and its results.

Pensioners can count on an average of HUF 52,000 extra in July. Those who have requested to transfer to the bank account will receive the arrears after eight months of pension on July 12, along with their July pension. András Tállai, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, said that with the additional increase, the state treasury will pay HUF 184 billion in extra money to about 2.5 million pensioners. For postal pensioners, the postman will bring the increased pension on regular calendar day through additional increment and retroactive revision.

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Farmers can trust the government at all times – Agriculture Minister said in XIV. At a gathering of traditional harvesters from Hajtunan and the ceremonial handover of wheat collected to the Hungarian Bread Project. The Hungarian government is providing 80 percent co-financing in addition to EU funds, so HUF 4,265 billion, a larger amount than before, will be available to modernize equipment from January 2023, Istvan Nagy said. 1,100 tonnes of grain was collected to help the poor last year as part of the Hungarian Bread Project, and we expect a similar amount this year, said István Jakab, head of the Hungarian Farmers’ Unions and Farmers’ Cooperatives.

More than 8,000 vehicles with new license plates are already on the roads, the Ministry of Technology and Industry announced on Facebook. They reminded that new Hungarian vehicles in circulation will come with four-letter, three-digit number plates with the coat of arms from July 1. 6,500 newly issued plates have been installed on cars. Almost five hundred for all-electric vehicles with an eco-friendly, green base color.

András Törőcsik, 45-time national football player of Újpest, has passed away.. The legendary player of the purple and white club struggled with serious problems in his personal life, he had to be hospitalized several times due to his alcohol problems. He died at Honvedkorsap, as a result of pneumonia. Törőcsik participated in the 1978 Argentina and 1982 Spain World Championships with the Hungarian national team, scoring 12 goals in 45 national team matches. He is 67 years old.