July 6, 2022

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Good news for Hungarian strawberry fans

Of the strawberries grown under the membrane, they were grown sparingly due to the cooling in the spring, but were not reduced in bulk by the new growers. At the time of the outbreak, strawberries were surprisingly profitable, so many began to cope with it – Readable FruitVeb on the website of the Hungarian Fruits and Vegetables Professional Organization.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, 2022 is no longer so good because production costs are high, but wholesale prices have not increased, and sales of foreign goods are difficult. Wholesale prices vary from HUF 1,000 to HUF 1,400, depending on the quality, MTI writes.

Hungarian growers previously believed that imported strawberries would slowly disappear from the domestic market, as in Greece and Spain, the harvest usually ends in the summer. Today, however, heat-resistant varieties are also grown, so foreign strawberries are still being supplied, and there is so much supply in Romania that it reaches Hungary from unsold produce. According to the announcement, due to unfavorable experience Domestic strawberry yields are expected to be lower next year.

FruitVeb has previously pointed out that over-distribution to farmers in other countries is also a problem. In Poland, they are worried that production will be unsustainable due to lower prices than in Hungary. In addition, due to the war, Greek exports are also looking for new locations in Central and Western Europe.

In the experience of salespeople Purchasing power is declining sharply due to rising pricesIt primarily reduces the revenue of non-essential commodities, including the market for strawberries.

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