August 10, 2022

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Game of Thrones, DC’s plans revealed – The Hollywood Reporter

Game of Thrones, DC's plans revealed - The Hollywood Reporter

The Dragon House, the hypnotist And the Harley Quinn It will be shown in a big way as Warner Bros. has arrived. Discovery, still fresh from its merger, to its first-ever release in San Diego Comic Con next month.

However, the company, headed by CEO David Zaslav, is making major changes to its approach at Comic-Con as its various divisions debut at the annual pop culture celebration three years ago, due to the pandemic. For the first time, Warners, including DC, will not have any conference room attendance, a move that goes against decades of precedent. The company had one of the largest presences on Earth, with film and television fashion showcasing. In some years, the star roster was like the cast Justice Squad or guards Contract back.

Another big change: many of the CW series, including Flash, Superman and Louis and next supernatural prequel, because the network is facing a potential sale and has canceled many of its offerings.

Warner Bros. aims to exist. Discovery at Comic-Con to reassure fans that the company remains their top priority, even as the merger rearranges executive ranks and aligns company divisions — including HBO Max and Warner Bros. Pictures and DC – in a new direction.

As for what Warners’ theatrical division will achieve, those plans are still in the works, according to several insiders. The studio has a number of DC movies slated for release later this year, including DC League of Super-Pets, Black Adam And the Shazam! wrath of the gods Which opens in July, October and December respectively. All of these can be shown. Movies scheduled to open in 2023, such as Sparkle And the blue ladybugwill not have paintings, regardless of presence, as it is considered too far away for any painting to have an appreciable effect.

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But why focus on what is not there when we can look at what will be:

Dragon House It is one of HBO’s biggest bets and is seeking an extension and reset Game of thrones The franchise, which was the biggest show in HBO history. She will have a Hall H panel before the series launches on August 21.

Netflix Sandman It is the most expensive DC show ever made by Warner Bros. Television at all, and he’s getting the Hall H treatment with a Q&A video special with the series’ stars and producers.

Riverdale It will also land in Hall H where the final series appears at Comic-Con ahead of its sixth and final season on The CW.

Publishing in the capital, despite the lack of a booth (which always attracted a crowd and had great talent), would still have a presence through a few paintings.

DC publisher and CCO Jim Lee will headline a showcase of DC’s upcoming books, with sneak peeks and creators. There will be a panel stacked with writers and comedians centered around Batman, while star writers Tom Taylor and Tom King will talk about their work, past, present and future. Also in the list is a panel about serials of current events in the capital, dark crisisamong other things.

Animation, for both young and old, you will also get presentations.

There will be paintings on Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai With voice stars and executive producers for the new series. Meanwhile, Cartoon Network will have a multi-view bulletin board Craig Creek, Teen Titans Go! And the we bears, Among many other animation boards.

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Animations of mature content will be highlighted by paintings in Adult Swim . shows Smiling friends, Gendy Tartakovsky’s smile (Season 2 will be the focus of animation director Gendy Tartukowski and artistic director Scott Willis), Rick and Morty: The Vindicators (examination plus question and answer) and Toka and Bertie. There will be a special show for the first two episodes of the HBO Max hit surprise harley quinn, In addition to the premiere of the animation feature Green Lantern: Beware my strength, followed by a question and answer.

Warner Bros. games will contain on two plates, A look inside the making of Gotham Knights And the Mix Made: MultiVersus.

and Warner’s wrestling unit, AEW, which has offers AEW: Dynamite And the AEW: Revolution On TBS, you’ll have two presentations that will see the wrestlers descend on San Diego for the first time.

Insiders say the Comic-Con revamp is designed to make the company more strategic in its approach, but it also comes as Zaslav has been focusing on the bottom line, reportedly seeking $3 billion in savings for the new company. In years past, Comic-Con has cost Warners more than $25 million — considering floor-mounting, travel-for-talent and technical costs for its high-profile presentations. However, Comic-Con, which runs July 21-24, remains a great marketing opportunity for a company whose content from its many divisions trades in geek and genre fare.

Hollywood studios seem to be taking a cautious approach to returning to Comic-Con. The pandemic continues to affect plans — not all actors and directors are excited to put themselves in a room of tens or thousands of people — and companies like Universal are launching this year. On the other hand, Marvel is making a promising comeback, a surprising move as the company will also have a large presence at D23, the Disney convention that will take place in early September.

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It remains to be seen if Warners’ new plan will be the blueprint going forward or if it will reassess its steps annually.