June 4, 2023

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Gabriella Hamori is also a victim of abuse

Not for violence, but for abuse yes.

Gabriella Hamori In his new film, To the best of my knowledgeBen portrays a woman who claims to have been abused, but it is often uncertain to the viewer whether this is really the case. Among other things, the actress talked about it Weiser with Alinda. In such a conversation Deluxe Reminds Laszlo Morton, The former headmaster of Hamori was also mentioned.

Recently we held a twentieth grade meeting, where this topic came up. We saw a perfect surface, we saw nothing here, we did not hear stories. Any story has disappeared from us … nothing like that, we do not understand a bad sentence. We got acquainted with a man. But Lilla Zarosty is a pure friend to me, for a moment I did not think it was true. ?

Hamori recalled Weiser On Patrian’s side, In a paid conversation, said that although he was not subjected to violence, he had already been harassed.

He talked a lot about the importance of homori therapy and introspection, which incorporated yoga into his life, and he said he had access to areas that were not in therapy. There was talk of Hamori’s first serial character, Baptiste, in which the actress plays an extreme right – wing politician, and despite having learned at home that “every extremist is sick and a murderer”, Hamori had to figure out the truth of the character. He also talked about how interested he was in public life, he could not express his views about it only at a young age.

I really want to be forty plus. Because I can express myself so much better, I can live my reality better

He said in the title.

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