September 29, 2023

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Gábor Török: Power struggle, stance, seeking responsibility, criticizing the opposition will intensify.

According to a political analyst, the opposition is unlikely to succeed until Fidesz begins to lose its supporters. It also does not help them to find new ways. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

The Inforadio Arena Was a guest on Tuesday Kapoor Dorok An analyst who made a good couple polar, tough statements. According to him, the age limit for the opposition in this election, their tactics so far have failed. Basically, Turkey estimates that nearly one million of the 2.7 million opposition voters will go missing in 2018, according to opinion polls:

Now, pollsters are telling their opinions here and there, just as their initial predictions came. They did not come in because the general list support of the opposition was less than two million, which no one predicted, in fact, no research nearby. In that sense, it is a terrible defeat for the opposition, to put it another way.

The Turks see the key to the Jobik crisis: although they were able to consolidate the party into an opposition coalition, their voters disappeared and went to our country and Fitzgerald. There will be no games and fairy tales in life within the opposition:

Politics such as power struggle, incumbency, seeking responsibility, and blaming within the opposition will intensify, so I think the next period for opposition politics will be much harder, which is frankly not a big deal.

According to the analyst, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Anyway, they have two years until the 2024 EP and municipal elections, and they need to figure out where to start together and where to split. According to him, the current opposition actors are interested in it Peter Markey-J May be called Paligada, but behind Mark-Jake Christmas Kerkili The mayor may also be responsible. However, according to the opposition, competition for the role of the leading force will begin within the opposition, although it is meaningless:

The squirrel or squirrel is still spinning, spinning, where they were. Opposition parties can only really change this situation if they try to break out of this logic, but frankly, I do not know what lies outside of this logic.

According to the Turks, it would not be a good idea if the opposition did not sit in parliament and try to do politics outside. The political analyst said there was no problem with the by-election and it worked, but the parties’ voters simply could not be included. In the end, they failed to overthrow Fidesz, the central party, the parliamentary party that emerged on the right side of our nation. According to him, the opposition has already tried all sorts of methods against Fitzgerald, not more:

Today there is no technical solution and it seems that there is no other way to defeat Fidesz. Until Fidesz’s popularity declines significantly, I think the opposition will try one method or the other and inevitably fail.

Anyway, that’s very important Victor Orban According to Turkey, the person and character of a prime minister were able to manipulate both domestically and resources in the context of war. Opposite Fides is a resource-poor, mostly amateur, resistance module. The analyst said cross-border correspondence was not enough for Fidesz’s victory to make a difference. Although the electoral system has been blamed, this is the third parliamentary election in the system.

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He spoke Turkish Kattalin Novak The role of the president, the so-called child protection, the invalid referendum, the situation of Orbán and the Hungarian government in Brussels, M தனிrki-Zay’s lonely defeat speech, sacrificed him and his future, gave place to opposition. Finally, a sentence about the end of the interview:

I think it does not matter to the opposition if the Fidesz government is able to retain the existing support, what plans it has and what organizations it wants to contest in the next election.