September 28, 2023

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From the Kremlin came ludicrous predictions – Hungary was also hit by heavy accusations

Medvedev begins his thought exercise by noting that there is a competition for “futuristic and ridiculous” predictions for 2023, so he publishes “our contribution to this matter.” It is worth noting that the Russian politician uses the plural, so he does not present only his own thoughts.

Medvegy’s predictions are as follows:

  1. Oil prices rise to $150 per barrel and gas prices rise to $5,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.
  2. The UK is leaving the EU.
  3. After the British leave, the European Union will collapse and the Euro will cease to exist.
  4. Poland and Hungary occupy the western parts of the defunct Ukraine.
  5. Germany and its “satellite states” would form a “Fourth Reich” that included the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Poland, and “the Republic of Kiev and other outliers.”
  6. France and the Fourth Reich go to war, and Poland is divided between them.
  7. Northern Ireland secedes from the United Kingdom and joins Ireland.
  8. There will be a civil war in America: California and Texas will become independent states. Texas and Mexico are teaming up, and Elon Musk will be president of the “new civil war Republican states.”
  9. The biggest stock markets and financial institutions are moving out of the US and Europe and into Asia.
  10. The Bretton Woods system collapsed, the IMF and the World Bank collapsed. The euro and dollar will lose their status as the world’s reserve currencies, and this role will be taken over by digital payments.

Finally, Medvedev sends festive greetings to “our Anglo-Saxon friends and their squealing little pigs.”

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In comments, Elon Musk called the predictions completely ridiculous, saying they “show an astonishing level of ignorance about the development of artificial intelligence and sustainable energy.”

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