September 27, 2023

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From January, premarital sex and drinking will no longer be a sin in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates announced on Saturday that the new penal code would take effect in January, as the previous version had been reformed in several respects. They are innocent of premarital sex and alcoholism.

In a mass wedding that Emirates supports as part of, young people getting married in Erbil.

Photo: Younes Gells / Anatolian Agency via AFP

Parents of children born out of wedlock are no longer required to marry and this will be handled according to the law applicable to their country. It is sufficient for the parents to identify the child and submit their identity and travel documents. However, parents who fail to identify and care for their child face up to two years in prison.

In the case of “honor killings” there are restrictions such as the abolition of the so-called. Legislation has been enacted to protect women and domestic workers.

The government is changing 40 laws, but not all of them are listed yet. They hope to gain more advantage over foreign investors than their conservative neighbor Saudi Arabia. (Dawn)

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