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Final Fantasy’s new kart racer is full of microtransactions, despite its $50 price tag

Final Fantasy's new kart racer is full of microtransactions, despite its $50 price tag

If you are interested in Chocobo GPfull price, $50 The kart rider that kicked off ThursdayFirst, you have to realize that the game is full of microtransactions and increase its sales. Irate Final Fantasy fans who have paid the freight say they feel cheated, even those who play it Free “Light” version Available on the Nintendo Switch, it says it all feels like something you play on your phone.

The gameplay is good. Choose a chocobo or Final Fantasy character, zip around a path, boost your speed or take down your opponents with power-ups and magic spells. As for the rest of the game, “It’s all right [built] About purchasable seasonal passes despite it being a paid game,” one player wrote On the subreddit Final Fantasy. “[I]It’s basically the same currency systems we see in gacha games, it’s just the stuff of simple shopping cart customization.”

While racers and levels are unlockable, cartoons, outfits, and other items must be purchased from different stores, using more than one in-game currency. Players have to keep track of Gil and the tickets they earn from playing the game, and then there’s Mythril, which is only available with real money.

“[I] Played the game, and was instantly greeted with an in-house currency that you buy with mtx,” One of the editor said“The Battle Pass for two-level rewards, and the whole design makes it look like my Nintendo Switch is a phone. Like do I pay $50 for a game or an f2p mobile game?”

Progressing through the game prize also feels slow and stingy, according to some players. Someone tweeted this, after an hour of playing online at Chocobo GBwon a championship but It was only level 7 – Barely a tenth of the way to level 60 and its ultimate reward, a playable cloud battle.

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There is also the question of the cost of the award itself. That runs 800 Mythril, and to be fair, some premium games also sell a Battle Pass too. Although Season 1 is functionally free, players returning 800 Mythril once players log in, still have to purchase said Mythril, which is typically $10 for 1000 coins.

The launch promotion is given away at $1600 for $8, but that’s actually only $2 off if you participate in it just to unlock things in the prize card. Furthermore, the 800 Mythril you get from your prize card will expire if you don’t use it within five months. Square Enix obviously wants players to get and spend Mythril even if they don’t want anything you buy.

“I wonder how long it will take Square Enix to learn this just because games love Fate 2And Call of Duty and FIFA being able to double-down doesn’t mean they can do that too with their low-budget games,” Another player wrote on Friday. “You need either the content or the brand to do that, ideally both. Chocobo GB He doesn’t have either of the two.”

Kotaku Note on Friday That Mythril Real Money Economy was not in the game when the reviewers played it. But its intent was still clear to some reviewers. “Watch [unlockable characters] Squall and Cloud relegated to a season ticket and/or Gil purchases totally brought me fun” Destructoid Books, “Because these important cast members have to be in the game with no strings attached.” The review called for the award pass to be revoked and the price to be lowered to make the game “more attractive”.

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Polygon has reached out to Square Enix for additional comment on the Prize Pass, microtransactions, and player feedback on both.