October 4, 2022

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Fighting in Ukraine is getting worse, far from the deal – Friday Top Stories here

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes on Friday called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to call for a ceasefire in the war against Ukraine, a spokesman for the German prime minister said.

Stephen Hebstreet According to the two leaders, the nearly hour-long telephone conversation was only about the Russian aggression against Ukraine and efforts to prevent it.

Olaf Scholz put forward three demands. He urged the Russian president to call for a ceasefire as soon as possible to improve the humanitarian situation and make progress in resolving the conflict diplomatically.

– Says in communications.

The German president convened an extraordinary summit on Friday, March 24, as the head of government of the country, which holds the rotating leadership of the G7, which unites the most industrialized nations. German government sources said. The meeting of the leaders of the United States, France, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany and Italy will take place in Brussels, not in Berlin, where the EU, NATO and EU summit will be held as a multinational body. March 24-25 -I.

Scholz’s latest party, the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), spoke in more detail and publicly about the war in Ukraine at an event on Thursday night. The SPD politician who was considered one of the creators of the so-called German East policy to normalize Cold War relations between the West and Moscow in the 1970s. Akon Bahr That’s what he said at a seminar on the eve of his 100th birthday Vladimir Putin He wants to turn the wheel of time backwards.

The Russian president wants to go back to a past in which the major powers divided the world and saw Putin only as a buffer zone and zone of influence in Central and Eastern Europe.

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According to German news websites, the president said.

Scholz stressed his support for the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations to end the bloodshed, but said that the dialogue with Russia, especially with Vladimir Putin, should never be selfish and should only proceed from a military standpoint. Comment: The Russian president is trying to continue the talks that began in Belarus to facilitate the progress of the occupying forces.

He emphasized that the Russian people could not be reconciled with the Russian president. The attack on Ukraine was not the decision of the Russian people, but the decision of the Russian head of state.

This war is Putin’s war

– He said.

He explained that this difference was important because the German-Russian compromise would not be affected after World War II. Because there are Russian and Ukrainian communities in Germany, brave Russian men and women who take to the streets to take a serious risk against Putin’s war are saying, “You are not alone. We stand for you.” This “other Russia” will lay the foundation for future German-Russian relations, Olaf Scholz said.