November 29, 2022

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Extreme scenes of the Kherson advance: Ukrainians charge with death-defying courage

In the video below, you can see Ukrainians attacking Russian positions with American-made Humvees, while the vehicles come under heavy artillery fire. One of the 4x4s was fully spotted by the Russians.

And this video was made by a Ukrainian RPG gunner with a helmet camera. The tank he is traveling in comes under heavy Russian fire, several explosions occur around the vehicle, and then a fierce battle develops next to the vehicle. The soldier who made the recording says that none of his comrades were injured, which can be said to be very lucky given the circumstances.

In recent days, Ukrainian troops have made significant progress in the Kherson region, along the Dnieper. Although the Russians have abandoned some settlements along the Dnieper, fighting and casualties are still heavy.

A cover image is an example. Source: Getty Images

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