The Orbán government was given a serious message in Maputo, Mozambique, where the 42nd Joint Parliament of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and the European Union ended in three days.

At the General Assembly, they discuss and develop collective solutions to tackle global crises such as climate change, pandemics, terrorism, poverty and human rights.

However, the General Assembly will be remembered for its widely expressed call for the Orbán government to finally abolish the Hungarian government, according to a report sent to Eurologist by the European Parliament’s Social Democrats. ACP-EU agreement after Cotonou Veto of approval.

The agreement is a strategic agreement between the EU and the 79 affected countries, which will actually replace the previous, similar 20-year agreement with a new one, for another two decades. The validity period of the previous agreement expired a long time ago, it was temporarily extended, but in fact the parties ran out of all deadlines, because at the end of the process, the Hungarian government began to argue that the Hungarian Parliament would not ratify it. As this document will strengthen migration. The essence of the agreement is that cooperation in many fields is necessary to keep bilateral relations on an orderly course. Migration is only one point of this convention, however, it also contains a very important clause, according to which the signatories are committed to fight against illegal immigration and readmit their own citizens without further ado. This is especially important when talking about the difficulty of repatriating illegal immigrants. Peter Szjardo said last December He said:

A treaty should not be made with Africa for Africans to come to Europe, but for Africans to stay in Africa.

The EU does not know what to do with the Hungarian point of view, so they always put off putting the topic on the agenda, while the ACP partners run out of patience.

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Social Democratic MEP Carlos Sorinho, co-president of the just-ended assembly, said: “Diversity among equals is the only sure way in these dark times when nationalism, war and mistrust seem to rule the international arena. The ACP-EU KPK is a beacon that must be protected and strengthened.” . . It is time for Orbán’s government to lift its veto and give this important legislature a chance to move forward.”

Another Social Democratic representative, Hannes Heide, added, “The interests of the European Union coincide with those of the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

We must realize that the security, democratic and economic development of these regions is in the direct interest of the European Union.

It is important to emphasize the latter sentence because it is actually one of the principles of Hungarian foreign policy.


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