June 6, 2023

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EU master plan released: This is how Europe will shake up Russia’s energy dependence

A set of proposals has arrived in Brussels

European Commission REPowerEU Proposal

  • Wants to diversify gas supply,
  • Wants to accelerate the proliferation of renewable energy sources, and
  • Converting gas into heat and power generation.

Similar information has been leaked before:

If implemented, the EU could cut Russia’s gas by two-thirds by the end of this year

– Highlighted.

The EU Commission receives from non-Russian suppliers, while increasing imports of biothane, renewable hydrogen and liquefied petroleum gas, while reducing domestic use of fossil fuels. It will promote increased energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and electrification.

Special tax, price control, price control

According to Reuters, the package includes that as well

EU countries may tax higher profits from energy companies due to higher prices.

In order to find protection for high energy bills.

Full implementation of the new EU climate package proposal, known as Fit for 55, will reduce the EU’s annual fossil gas consumption by 30% by about 20 billion, equivalent to about 100 billion cubic meters. Faster wind and solar power expansion will offset 20 billion cubic meters of gas use. This is in line with previously leaked information.

With the measures in place in the package of proposals presented on Tuesday, the EU could emit at least 155 billion cubic meters of fossil fuels, equivalent to the amount imported from Russia in 2021. The implementation of this plan means that by the end of this year the EU will have put an end to the single suppliers dependent on Russia.

The EU Commission describes the elements of the proposal in its communications European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen was quoted as saying Who said:

We must be free from Russian oil, coal and gas. We cannot trust a supplier who threatens us.

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He added that action was needed to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices, diversify Europe’s gas supply next winter and accelerate the transition to clean energy.

The Brussels team also provided guidance to member countries Confirmed the possibility of regulating prices in exceptional circumstances. This latest guideline also sets out how member states operate They can redistribute revenue to consumers from higher profit and emissions trading in the energy sector.

EU state aid rules provide member states with the opportunity to provide short-term support to companies affected by high energy prices and help reduce the expression of energy price volatility in the medium and long term.

It has been announced that the EU Committee intends to submit by April the legal proposal that gas storage in the EU should be at least 90% of its capacity by October 1 of each year. The proposal includes monitoring and enforcing complementary stages and establishing solidarity agreements between member states to ensure segregation.

According to reports, the European Commission will continue to investigate the gas market in response to concerns about operators, especially Russia’s Gosprom, about possible disruption of competition.

The board is also said to be considering the possibility of introducing any emergency measures to combat the rise in energy prices, which could curb the negative impact of gas prices on electricity.

Measures may include, for example, temporary price controls.

The panel will also assess the potential for improving the electricity market with a view to keeping electricity uninterrupted at affordable prices.

It’s memorable, meanwhile, that the United States plans to ban imports of Russian energy products:

Developments in recent days have made it impossible for EU countries to recognize sanctions on the Russian energy sector, i.e. immediate sanctions, as they will be forced to face extraordinary losses as a result of their dependence. Therefore, the Commission’s latest proposal aims to gradually eliminate Russian dependence without immediate punitive action. This will extend the transition period, allowing European economies to adapt and adapt to the new energy supply environment.

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Next to him are the French

Europe has solutions for Russia to gain independence from gas

– French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Myre said on Tuesday about the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine. The head of the ministry called for their acceleration due to the “winter challenges of gas shock next winter” due to the conflict.

This has been confirmed by the French government The price of gas, which was disabled for domestic consumers last summer, will not change until at least the end of 2022.

During a visit to the Normandy base of hydrogen production company Air Liquide, the Minister acknowledged that “Russia’s dependence on gas is not unique to European countries.” He cited Finland as an example: “About 20 percent of France’s gas supply comes from Russia, while the European average is 40 percent, and some member states are totally dependent on Russian gas.”

Bruno Le Maire considered the need for a “common European solution”.

He first mentioned “accelerating gas storage” from the summer. In anticipation of the 2022 winter, he suggested that “reservoirs should be filled 90 percent.” “This is not the current challenge, but the Winter 2222-23 challenge,” he pointed out.

As a second option, he mentioned social purchasing for a lower purchase price.

“Third solution: try to diversify purchases from other manufacturers,” – he stressed.

He noted that the fourth option was to upgrade natural gas liquefaction plants. Seven of these are in Spain and four are in France, but “unfortunately nothing in Germany”, the minister says, could improve the production of existing plants. Bruno Le Myre pointed out that he had already begun talks with the French energy company Engie on how to increase the operation of the terminals in France.

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“In contrast to” gases “, biogas and biofuels may also be a solution,” said Le Myre, adding that “these are alternative solutions made in France that allow independence from Russian gas.”

Meanwhile, French Environment Minister Barbara Pompey pointed out that the EU would decide “unanimously” on a possible energy embargo against Russia, and called on the United States to act in consultation with its European partners.

French Foreign Minister Barbara Pompeo, who is also the EU’s rotating leader, will meet with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in Washington on Thursday.

“We will ask for some advice,” the French minister told the French news agency AFP. “We understand the position of the United States, but they are not in the same position of power as we are,” he added.

The United States plans to extend sanctions on Russia’s energy sector in the war against Ukraine, but has not yet decided.

The situation in Europe is very different, with the continent supplying 40 percent of Russia’s gas, the French minister said. “We will make a decision at the right time, and even if we follow the United States, it will certainly be a common alternative,” the ministry said, dismissing the possibility of a unilateral decision by France, which is less dependent on Russia’s gas. Russia needs an energy embargo.

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