June 1, 2023

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Epic will return 40 percent of net Fortnite revenue to creators

Epic Games is trying to create a better economy for Fortnite creators with what it calls “Creator Economy 2.0,” which it announced in its State of Unreal keynote on Wednesday.

Previously, Epic creators participated in the company’s “Support-A-Creator” program. In the program, individual codes were issued to the creators, and if someone bought something in Fortnite With this code, this creator will get 5 percent off your purchase. But the big downside to this model is that creators will have to promote their code and just hope people remember to use it when they buy.

Fortnite Generates “billions” of dollars in revenue annually from apparel and item purchases from the in-game store, Saxs Persson, Epic Executive Vice President, Inc. Fortnite ecosystem, on stage at the event. As part of Creator Economy 2.0, Epic plans to distribute 40 percent of its Fortnite’s Net earnings” for eligible content creators who publish games in fortnite,A description that includes Epic itself.

“Payments from the pool depend on the performance of the island. We take into account data such as island popularity, engagement, retention, and attraction of new players,” Pearson said. “There’s no need to design crafty monetization loops or extract portal items. You’re crafting an island that players will love; that’s all you need to be part of the new economy.” Epic has more details about payments at His blog post about the new plan.

Epic has also launched a Fortnite Creator’s Gate https://create.fortnite.com/, where creators can register for the program. Epic will pay creators retroactively based on engagement starting March 1st. New changes arrive alongside the Unreal Editor for Fortnitean application for PC that gives creators many new tools from the Unreal Engine for building Fortnite expertise.

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