According to the index’s chief executive, it’s not a mass decision if five people are stopped.

Daniel Kiss, who reports on Ukraine two months after the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, leaves the code and writes Media1. According to the newspaper, the war correspondent resigned as soon as he got home.

Tamás Gerencsér and Imre Neuzer left the index, as well as an employee from the economics and culture departments. The Media1 Zrt. ‘S CEO Ákos contacted Starcz and asked them what was behind the mass layoffs.

Stark confirmed the departure for the paper, but said it was not considered a mass layoff, “because in a system of nearly a hundred people, it’s completely natural for team members to change”. According to the CEO, the departures were delayed by several weeks due to independent reasons.


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New Year's Eve in the new code adds to the old code


The director general said they would be non-campaigning for the opening ceremony of the Opera House in March.

The entire faculty of Transintex has resigned

hvg.huCarrying out

All eleven members of the editorial office resigned because the air around the paper was blowing out. There was political pressure to withdraw funding, which had already reduced their chances to an unbearable level. Our newspaper said to continue.