Although exact data are not available, Stephen Boncel said there is a significant reduction in the effectiveness of vaccines against the new variant of the corona virus.

Does the vaccine return to “default”? How are the various mutations in the virus threatened? Should we be afraid of another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about corona virus infection.

There is nothing in the world that vaccines have the same efficacy of the delta variant.

said To the Financial Times In an interview with Stephen Pancel, CEO of Moderna.

Bancel says there will definitely be a big drop in performance, but it is not yet known how big it will be, with which we will have to wait for detailed data. “But all the scientists I’ve talked to said it’s not going to be good,” he added. The reason is that there are more than 50 mutations in Omigrans.

The driver was previously a CNBCHe said it would take about two weeks for accurate data to be provided, after which it could take months for new vaccines to be launched against Omigran.

The report came at the wrong time, because, as we wrote on Monday, markets are often driven by uncertainty, with everyone waiting for news from Omigron.

Fear of the unknown: Is the Omigron variant sweeping the world?

Everyone and everything is uncertain – this is how the world reacted to a new mutation called omigron in the recently discovered corona virus in South Africa. For now, we know nothing about it, it has changed in surprising numbers.

Accordingly, the stock markets responded significantly to the interview released on Tuesday morning, with all major European and Asian stock markets hovering above minus 1 per cent at 10 a.m., while the BSE fell 0.67 percent compared to the previous morning.

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