September 29, 2023

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England are blowing the crack, however it should not have happened

The sympathy of the people was sparked by a series of films in recent weeks from Britain struggling with the effects of Brexit. No one can laugh with pity that there is a sudden shortage of food and fuel due to labor shortages in sectors based on immigration. Nevertheless, everyone knows, including the elite campaign for Brexit, that the country will have low economic performance, the quality of life will deteriorate, and supply disruptions will occur after they leave the EU. All of these were closed even though a difficult Brexit situation did not develop. Irregular emissions would have triggered an immediate collapse of independence, but there is no doubt that the soft Brexit economy would suffer because it is impossible to prepare a country facing rapid globalization. .

With cheap labor! Disappearances, immigrants!

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest statement poured another oil on the fire. Johnson said drivers from EU countries in Central and Eastern Europe do not have truckers because they want to work in poor working conditions and low wages. “British road smugglers have not created truck rest areas for decades, have not improved working conditions and raised wages.” He said Johnson said this was due to cheap imported labor.

Johnson Undoubtedly Central and Eastern Europeans are willing to work for much lower wages than the British, but the English salary is many times what they earn at home. That is why they have made the necessary sacrifices to work abroad. However, he did not mention that it is only the fault of the regulatory authority to allow workers to be employed in an inhumane manner in a country. What’s more, these people were in positions — mostly blue-collar — that the British did not want to take. That is, the labor shortage in these sectors has been significantly reduced. However, it is wrong to say that even talented Eastern Europeans were less likely to engage in white-collar work, meaning that immigrants took their jobs. Regardless, there is no doubt that Central and Eastern European workers Reduce wages Blue collar jobs, but the British also benefited from their arrival due to old age and labor shortages and low prices.

Picking cherries? He did not come inside

The New Immigration Organization The British economy faces even more serious problems in sectors where it relies heavily on foreign workers for blue-collar workers. After all, it was certain that the British would not return to these jobs. The essence of the new British immigration policy after Brexit was cherry picking. The main feature of this is that even if they are not willing to pay a pound to poor countries, well-educated, highly skilled workers with developed country money are most welcome to receive point-based immigration in a brain drain environment. . Health workers and highly skilled workers, for example, are welcomed with open arms, but it looks like they have entered their own web by picking cherries. In fact, their new immigration system is so negative that it is precisely the first to middle skilled workers who do not speak the language properly that have been the gears of the British economy in recent years. Of course, the current problems are not only caused by Brexit, they are common in the past, but this has undoubtedly brought the moment when the sectors that make up immigration can no longer withstand the pressure.

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After the Brexit politicians actually left, it would be unnatural for members of the British community to suddenly drive a truck, farm work, dishwashing, toilet peeling or pizza delivery that would double your salary. Of course, there is an economic model that does not support immigration, precisely so as not to create harmful wage competition, but in the UK, it is not possible to catch locals who will do this work. Quite simply, the social development of recent decades has not gone in this direction. Of course, if Brexit succeeds well, many of the companies that offer white-collar jobs will leave the country in the next period, and then blue-collar jobs will make the British fall in love as unemployment rises. However, this is not yet the case. Those who wanted to, or should (because they had to have an EU headquarters or considered the business environment unpredictable), were already overcrowded or relocating, so now the question is how to get stability and forecast back very quickly? In the country.

Come! Late grief …

Stopping the military did not bring recovery in the transport sector, nor did Johnson For a few monthsForeign truck drivers will be allowed to return to the country for half a year to eliminate supply problems at gas stations and stores. However, as expected, this was not an undeniable offer, so the Prime Minister was compelled To admitAlthough 5,000 people were hired to alleviate the problem, foreign truck drivers did not apply for the offer. It is not surprising that this offer did not really succeed in attracting workers into the country, as Britain’s betrayal during the Brexit period was not enough and it will still continue on the path of open exploitation. If someone knew why he would go back to work in the UK and he would be hired in a few months anyway why would he quit his job? Why would anyone go back if Johnson said he did not want to return to immigration and low wages?

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In the pessimistic letter, the government is recalling 80-year-old (!) Truck drivers who have already retired, and has written a letter to those who have been looking for other jobs for a long time. Although tens of thousands of trucks left the country, Johnson did all this before acknowledging the Brexit problems. Of course, Johnson figured out with clear logic why Brexit could not be the cause of the problem. According to him For

There is also a shortage of truck drivers in China and the United States, and as far as I know China and the United States are not members of the European Union.

Say this as it becomes more and more a problem for more and more Englishmen due to declining supply Foods Purchase too. In recent weeks one-sixth of the British have been unable to buy basic food due to supply shortages, with 15% complaining of a shortage of petrol and a quarter lacking essential items. It is time to confront the fact that tearing a country deeply integrated into international trade from the common European market is not a good idea. Johnson himself agrees that he wants to transform Britain from a mix of ‘low-capacity, low-wage and high-migration’ to a ‘high-capacity, high-wage and low-immigration’ country. While expatriate researchers emphasize that the host country benefits from the migration of skilled workers, the flexibility of the domestic labor market also contributes to the migration of less skilled workers. It may be another way to go, but coming back suddenly is very painful.

Rise? increase in price!

For misjudgment – Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world, a leading industry Power Even today – for the time being the result of a wrong response is that the supply deficit may be with them due to labor shortages, which leads to higher prices. Apart from the drivers, tens of thousands of farm workers and butchers are missing, which will already affect the tenderness of Christmas. If the rapid wage increase that Johnson expects is met, it will trigger even bigger price increases. The British economy has benefited greatly in the past by avoiding price pressures as workers in Central and Eastern Europe worked for the lowest wages in the service sector.

On the other hand, if we are to raise wages now to have someone to do these jobs, the highest paid workers must be paid, and these are not businesses, but British families. Because during the economic recovery period no one can seriously think that companies will take the cost of wages, check outs, restaurants, beaches and everywhere will be the ones paying that price. The promise of a higher-paying, less-immigrant country is the population that built the Brexit campaign.

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Thanks for the confusion!

The majority of young people do not want to be in the EU – the future is affected by the referendum – and in vain they voted to maintain the highly educated, elderly and less talented members of Britain’s future. It is better for the country to stay in the EU.

However, now we have to face dire consequences. If they leave with GDP growth somewhat slower and living standards somewhat declining, the issue of leaving the union will still be easy on the agenda in many countries. The failure of the British exit was not in the world of economists and statisticians who measured impacts with concise models and complex calculations. Not only do problems in ivory towers have to be dealt with, there is no need to search the websites of universities and research institutes to see what impact Brexit is having.

Now the European community sees with its own eyes that even for a strong country like Brahman, the breakdown created by population and populist politics is not easy. It is, of course, necessary for the EU to negotiate a tough exit with the British from a win-win situation, and the good news is that it has not been shaken up during the long negotiations. Even when on the hard Brexit table, Brussels knew the British would lose more.

If a country does not want to experience great shock, it has been confirmed that following the British example, joining the European Union is a one-way street. Entry is, without a doubt, the coexistence of the positive and negative effects of the free movement of labor, capital and goods. Everyone can benefit a lot from this: rich, aging communities get cheap labor and the market in exchange for some money, while the poor can use EU funds in the hope of capturing the benefits of disenfranchisement. We do not yet know the long-term benefits of leaving, but the disadvantages are beginning to emerge, which will prevent most politicians and EU citizens from leaving immediately. That’s okay.

Cover image: “Sorry, temporarily no fuel” sign on October 7 in Berkshire. Steve Parsons / PA Images via Getty Images