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England 8-0 Norway: Player ratings from Euro 2022 Group A match | Women’s Euro 2022

England (4-2-1-3)

Marie Earps It’s hard to keep tabs on the Manchester United goalkeeper because she barely managed to stop her. Guaranteed distribution. 7

Lucy Bronze He provided the distraction and physicality that enabled Meade to face the riot in front of her. 7

Millie Bright The Chelsea defender played an important role in this win by breaking out to get close to Hegerberg when the Lyon forward fell deep. 8

Leah Williamson Calm and balanced, she did not let her teammates stray from their positions. 7

Rachel Daly She explained why she’s staying ahead of the left-footed options with a physical and dynamic presentation. 8

Georgia Stanway Bayern Munich prove they can provide defensive discipline alongside Walsh without losing their creativity. penalty fine. 9

Kira Walsh The anchor in the newly formed midfield was perfect, its distribution and balance. 9

Beth Med Not only did he score an impressive hat-trick, he sent through a series of passes that deserved more goals. Not playable at all. 10

Fran Kirby Great show from Chelsea No. 10 for her fitness. 8

Lauren Hemp Strong, straightforward, and willing to try things that keep popping up. Large supply line and target to boot. 9

Elaine White Did you ever suspect it? She scored her first goals since April and could have scored a hat-trick. Such a hard performance. 8

Alternatives: Ella Ton (for Kirby 58) 6; Alicia Rousseau (for white 58) 6; Alex Greenwood (for Daly 58) 6; renal Kelly (for hemp 70) 6; Jill Scott (for Stanway 80) 6.

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Norway (4-2-3-1)

Guru Petersen The Valerenga goalkeeper won the goal of the season in the Swedish League last year. Here she can’t do much about England’s goal in competition matches. 5

Tova Hansen To be fair, not many right-backs would imagine facing Lauren Hemp this year. Maintain team form. 5

Marine Megilde Norway’s longtime captain was easily sent off by Elaine White down near the corner flag in preparation for the fourth goal. 4

Maria Thorsdottir This is a night the Manchester United defender will struggle to forget: on her heels, slow to respond to blind sprinters, unfortunately penalized for the penalty kick for the opening goal and White sent off for the third. nightmare. 2

Julie Blackstad The Manchester City left-back has been given a rough time by Beth Meade, in particular, and booked for a farming challenge on the Arsenal wing. 4

Serstad Engine He kept trying to organize the midfield in Norway and he didn’t stop running. 5

Caroline Graham Hansen (right) fights to take over Georgia Stanway from England.
Caroline Graham Hansen (right) fights to take over Georgia Stanway from England. Photo: Steve Bardens/Ueva/Getty Images

Feldy Bo Ressa He did not deal with the England No. 8 team and replaced him in the middle of the second half 4

Karina Civic Perhaps he did better when he was picked up by Blakstad, trailing only 2-0, but he missed a clear shot opportunity. 4

Caroline Graham Hansen Couldn’t find spaces on either side of Keira Walsh which would have been a problem for England. 4

Guru Ritten Such an outstanding player but ended up playing more as a wing-back to try and stem the flow of England on their wing. 5

Ada Hegerberg The golden girl in Norwegian football may be questioning her decision to come out of international football after this! Brite superbly handcuffed. 4

Substitutes: Frida Manum (for Risa 59) 5; Guru Bergswand (for Civic 46) 5; Celine Bizet Ilhosui (for Hegerberg 75) 5; Amalie Ekland (for Hansen 76) 5; Elizabeth Terland (Lrighten, 84) 5.

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