June 10, 2023

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Energy crisis: Russia’s gas supply to Europe, gas prices continue to fall

As of yesterday We wrote: Gazprom has announced that it will begin filling 5 of its gas storage facilities in northwestern Europe, and the latest Internet data indicates that storage has already begun at one of the storage facilities, Reuters reports. Casprom’s German storage company Astora’s Rehten storage facility is actively catering, and it has not yet been launched at the Gemgumi storage facility or the Hydachi storage facility in Austria.

However, it is encouraging that net gas traffic at the Malno measuring point on the Polish-German border has continued to flow westward in recent days. Towards the east (Reverse) Export. It also suggests that Gasprom is increasing gas supply, although it has not yet booked additional capacity on the Jama-Europe pipeline.

For these news and other reasons (e.g. weather forecasts) there was a significant drop in gas prices yesterday. For the December expiration On the Dutch TTF gas exchange, the price finally stopped at 11% minus, round 70 euro / MWh, compared to a further 4-5% gap around 67 euros.

The fall in gas prices has also significantly reduced the next day’s resistance electricity prices in Europe. Hungarian Power transfer (HUPX) price down 16% to EUR 178.25 / MWh.

A GIA page Country-wise European gas storage data (previous gas days) can now be tracked, it now appears At the European level, the total storage capacity as of November 10 last year was only 75.6% 93.9% -Call Against, After that the average fee dropped to 30% this spring. Therefore, it is no coincidence that if the cold winter is renewed, the current storage capacity will also lead to supply challenges.

The total capacity of German storage facilities is now 69.9%, up from 93.3% last year. And Hungarian savings facilities are now 74.35%, up from 96.6% last year. With us a Hexum Földgáz Zrt. The occupation rate of the now-owned Szőreg-1 field is 91.36% compared to 100% last year. Magyar Fldgáztrol Zrt. The aggression rate is now 67.16%, up from 95% last year, compared to the combined efficiency of the four sectors owned by Pusztaederics, Zsana, Kardoskút-Pusztaszolos and Hajdúszoboszló.

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