February 3, 2023

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Emis Fajk will burn down the Ukrainian army if he doesn’t get what he wants

As we wrote before, there are no Fajk Emis of Hungarian descent He started his scam today. He made international headlines when he successfully bought a house at an auction in Australia, on a TV show, but fled the country after it was discovered that he had tried to prove that he had transferred the requested amount through fake bank notes. He later appeared on the Portuguese island of Madeira, where he beat a real estate agent and her then-boyfriend in a similar manner. He was last seen in Ukraine, where he joined the army in April as one of the International Legion’s translators, under the alias Mockingjay, known from The Hunger Games movies.A member of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion poses with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Photo: A Current Affair Youtube

Last October, Fajk was charged with embezzling $2.5 million in goods and cash. The woman was entrusted by Ukrainians to manage and direct donations from abroad, but Fajk is suspected of sending everything she could to foreign accounts. Suspicions arose that he was a Russian spy who was delivering equipment to Ukrainians into Russian hands, and when the noose around him was tightened, missing items, including vital drugs, were discovered.

Fajk allegedly escaped prosecution inside Ukraine and blackmailed a high-ranking Ukrainian military official into protecting him or divulging sensitive information about Ukrainians. The Daily Mail wrote about it. In a secretly recorded audio recording, Fajk boasts of threatening General Andrij Artinovic so that they cannot touch him.

– You can hear this in the recording from Amy Fajk.

In the recording, you can also hear another woman asking how she could intimidate the Fajq army. Reacting to this, he told Artinovics face that he knows everything and if he doesn’t protect himself, he will tell everything.

Do you know of any incriminating things for the Ukrainian military?

asked the other woman on the recording, and Fajk agreed.

In the recording, Emis Fajk also threatens to cause serious damage to the Ukrainian military.

Zeus is not personally involved, but he knows that if I start talking about what I know and what I saw in the army, it will burn the Ukrainian army to the ground.

Fajk threatened.

Corruption, the disappearance of foreign donations, the way foreigners are treated… if you start talking about all this, the Ukrainian army will fall apart.

The popular con artist continued.

The Emmys are now…

Fajk also said that he asked General Ordinovics to transfer him from the 1st Battalion to the 4th Battalion of the Foreign Legion. The latter unit theoretically exists only on paper. By definition, Fajq wants to escape from the 1st Battalion because the investigations against him are going on there. He said he had nothing to lose and the people he blackmailed into being in the Foreign Legion knew this. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian intelligence service is investigating the woman.

The Daily Mail reported that a senior Ukrainian official warned in a statement:

Emis Fajk denied fraud from the Ukrainian army on her Instagram channel. According to him, the opposite happened. According to him, he actually stood in the way of those who wanted to steal the army, which is why he was smeared, but he would not let himself go.