January 28, 2023

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Elon Musk has fired a bunch of people from Twitter again

It’s hard to even list how many people Elon Musk has fired since he bought Twitter, and it would take a long time to calculate how much he ran wild, but we’ve tried in this article. Among other things, he promptly fired managers, then half the staff, blue-ticked verified accounts, then canceled them, then restarted them, shared silly conspiracy theories, and engaged in endless Twitter debates with politicians and celebrities. He co-owned Twitter with his programmer, then fired him after learning that he had correctly (and publicly) pointed out Musk’s mistake.

He declared bankruptcy, organized staff quarters at headquarters, fired most of the cleaning staff, voted on whether to let Trump back on stage, and resigned as CEO. The poll ended in a yes, to which he did not respond.

However, on Saturday, the Bloomberg,

Meanwhile, at least a dozen employees in the company’s Dublin and Singapore offices were laid off on Friday evening, including two top managers. Among the already severely curtailed trust and security teams are global content policing and industry. Dealing with hate speech and harassment.

According to Bloomberg, Twitter’s misguided policies, global appeals, and teams that handled state media on the platform were eliminated.

Ella Irwin, Twitter’s head of trusts and safety, confirmed several layoffs, but denied that all the departments Bloomberg mentioned were affected.


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