London is demanding negotiations again, Brussels does not want to do so, but it will allow it. EU Commissioner Maros Chefsovic responded to another British challenge in the evening.

Moroz Chefkovic, the European Commissioner for International Trade, said the EU was proposing to ease tariff controls to resolve problems with the implementation of the Brexit condition protocol in Northern Ireland. The move will affect the vast range of goods consumed in Great Ireland from Great Britain, resulting in a reduction of about 80 per cent in customs controls and a 50 per cent reduction in related customs procedures. This group recommends flexibility for cross-border movement of food, plants and animals, and for health products, including medicines. This package will make it harder to implement the protocol and pave the way for resolving all pending issues and create predictions, stability and determination for the people and businesses of Northern Ireland, he said.

However, he emphasized that in order to protect the integrity of the European domestic market, London should provide guarantees, for example, that by putting labels, a particular benefit should be sold only in the United Kingdom. At the end of July, Chefkovic said that the European Union would not renegotiate Northern Ireland’s protocol for the Brexit agreement approved by both the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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How the British government did not see it, it said on Wednesday night that a deeper amendment to the Northern Ireland Code was needed. “The EU’s refusal to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Convention may be a historic mistake,” said Britain’s Brexit minister. David Frost seeks to dramatize the situation against the panel’s quiet tone: “What will a new Northern Ireland protocol cost the EU? What we are proposing is not a threat to the single market.”

He added that as a threat: as long as there is an agreement, relations between the EU and Britain will be frozen. If Brussels is unable to reach a united front on this issue, London is ready for unilateral action.

More trade war? Reporters asked David Frost. It depends on Brussels’ decision, but the politician replied that it would not improve the situation in any way.

Endless Brexit diplomacy continues

After EU Commissioner Murray Chefsov’s response in Brussels in the evening, a delegation traveled to London on Thursday to discuss the details. Politico was told that if the British were stubborn, Brussels could introduce a nuclear option, that is, be accused of violating the London Agreement. In this regard, interesting information was released by Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser, who said that the Brexit agreement he had signed was planned to be amended after the election and that it would be a serious breach in Hungary. Dominic Cummings, a former adviser, plans to remove parts of the Northern Ireland code of conduct that London does not like and sanctify it under British law. In this way, a British court cannot convict them. He has now urged Minister David Frost Brexit to go down this path in defiance of the international conference. Cummings says Boris Johnson was unaware of this when the Northern Ireland Protocol was signed in 2019 because “he had no clear idea what the conference he signed would mean.”

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Coincidentally, Cummings, who was fired by Boris Johnson after Trump’s defeat, is urging the British government to quietly violate the international convention because “other governments do this every week.”

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