The forand weakened in free fall, and the collapse was only slowed by joint work by the government and the central bank. Inflation has soared to nearly 12 percent, and no one yet knows how to bring it down. Drought ravages the Great Plains, and the world’s largest chocolate factory has soy lecithin from Hungary. This is the week in economics.

In recent months, we have become accustomed to the weakening of the forint, but what we saw this week was fortunately a rare example: there were days when the forint practically free-falled. With an otherwise weak euro By contrast, Viktor Orban, who had been listening intently to the weakening of the forint, also saw the good in it. to kick someone. The lowest point came on Wednesday They asked for HUF 416 and one EuroAnd there is no benefit on Thursday Raised Magyar Nemzeti Bank raised the one-week deposit rate by 2 percentage points, which was not enough to ease the pressure.

Finally, the central bank raised interest rates again as the euro strengthened to a previously unimaginable level of HUF 400. On his promise Besides, it has to be Gergely Gulyás at Gormaninfo Report it: The government is ready to accept the position of the European Commission on anti-corruption measures. This may help the government get the long-awaited funds for the rescue fund.

HUF is on the ground


Of course, it won’t be tomorrow: Brussels pointed out in our investigationFurther negotiations are required before the cash spigot is opened.

And with Zoltán Török, chief analyst at Raiffeisen Bank, about the reasons for the weakening of the forint We spoke on this week’s episode of Fulke.

Of course, it is easy to say that the forint exchange rate is only interesting for those who want to travel abroad. We collected it, what the current exchange rate movement means for the daily lives of Hungarians, and whether there is a group whose members are not doing poorly. Especially if we take that into account Hungarians are forced to live on more than half of the EU-level money.

Spoiler alert: not really.

Although the government tried to anoint the war in a Facebook post citing the vile propaganda videosThe weakness of the forint contributes to an unstoppable rise in inflation. The June data was released by the Central Statistics Office on Friday The average price increase was 11.7 percent, but within this period, food cost almost twice as fast, 22.1 percent more.

Therefore, because of the price ceiling, cooking oil or milk is not expensive, butter and butter made from the same ingredients have to be paid more than they were a year ago. One major effect of inflation is that consumption is shifted by: people They buy less foodIncreasingly They want cheap stuff.

This week, we also looked at what this rise in prices actually means: should we work harder for regime change, the Bokros package, EU accession or the same product as when the second Orbán government took office in 2010? We also checked whether it is officially linked to inflation How the purchasing power of pensions has grown.

And who wins from inflation? Although the government says, and the government doesn’t, that higher VAT revenue is beneficial – They immediately figured out what to spend the extra income on: For sports and government propaganda.

Of course, it’s always been low: inflation in Turkey is 90 percent, and in Zimbabwe it’s almost 200 percent, so it’s no coincidence. They turned to solutions In an African country.

Inflation can be attributed to many factors, the main of which is rising energy prices. This is The continent has a big problem: Germany fears that in two weeks there will not be as much gas coming through the Russian pipeline as before. However, Russia has cut off supplies for almost a month now, causing gas prices to rise – but not only because of this, but also because of an explosion at one of the largest US gas liquefaction plants at the same time.


Norway’s offshore oil miners sparked an even bigger crisis when their government disciplined them at the last minute. On the other hand, in France, at the last minute The cabinet wants to save what can be saved, such a big problem with nuclear power plants will be felt abroad. Meanwhile, Great Britain will go its own way, but that too will lead to a gap. There is nothing wrong with the Hungarian energy situation right now – if we don’t consider the “beneficial” long-term Russian gas deal. This can cause hundreds of billions worth of damage to the budget even on a monthly basisBut the government feels there may be one more problem, and He had already taken the first precaution.

Severe droughts indicate that climate change is already having tangible effects. We visited Venice Lake, the water level is already 13 centimeters lower than it was at this time last year, and the best part of summer is coming up, so the difference can only grow. The Tisza water level It has already dried up in Debrecen Vekkeri LakeFierce in peach forest fire Devastation, and farmers of the Great Plains are forced to suffer huge losses due to the current unprecedented drought At harvest time.

Lake Wellens’ water level has already dropped from last year


Frustration may explain why some farmers They went to the farm hall, because they think the reason for the lack of rain is the snow damage mitigation system. Although the experts tried to explain that this was not true, the situation became so bad that they had to turn off the computer.

Another weird idea of ​​the week came from the Business Staff Association: It is proposed to close the shop for half a day on Sundays To overcome labor shortage. According to experts Such a move would only worsen the situationUnion therefore Started online autograph collection.

Image of the week: After the tragedy that claimed nine lives, a glacier collapsed in the Dolomites, which we wrote about Do we have to say goodbye to climbing because of climate change??

A rescue helicopter searches for survivors on the Punta Rocca glacier on July 5, 2022


If summer problems aren’t enough, keep going Confusion is growing at Europe’s airports. about that Ferihegi can’t pull himself out eitherAnd EasyJet’s operations director also left as more flights were canceled, which, of course, doesn’t mean other companies won’t cancel thousands of flights, as Lufthansa, British Airways and Ryanair do, with the nearly two-week strike crippling traffic.

However, some travelers still know what their rights are in the event of a cancellation, delay or denied delivery. When the hotel stay is outstanding, in which case we can get a transfer or hundreds of euros in compensation – We have studied these options in our article.

Chaos at Düsseldorf Airport


We’ve left the worst summer tragedy till last: not only that Good ice cream disappears, But ice cream can be a luxury Experts warn.

However, sweets lovers are in for a treat They also got the message: It was revealed that Due to soy lecithin from Hungarian supplier Salmonella infection in world’s largest chocolate producer


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