Gas stations in turn introduce volume controls; As for food, small shopkeepers complain that they cannot buy enough goods from wholesalers; New bills were filed not only on districts and Spaniards, but also on taxes, the tobacco market and property declarations. This is the weekly economic summary of

Is now also a wholesaler A size control was introduced – The manager of a small shop in Békés County told about this. Retailers can get the goods at their contract price and then they are forced to sell at the official price, of which only a quarter of the pork is profitable. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals, he said.

If only 10 kg / liter of all officially priced items were sold, it would lose 15-20 thousand forints a day. In this way, many small shops sell price-stop products only on weekends, and then at official prices. They are subject to official penalties because daily sales are guaranteed to go bankrupt, so if they are out of control, they can stay. Meanwhile, a study was completed, according to which Hungarians are high About food and hygiene They save because of high inflation.

The government has thrown a spectacular rubber band on the bill establishing the budget: from 2023, government officials will be renamed ISPAN. At the same time, Máté Kocsis suggested that districts be renamed districts. Depending on their character (or political attitude) when everyone was struggling with it with joy, fear or uncontrollable laughter, a series of bills were passed that would have really significant consequences. One of the most important of these is that the European Parliament and local elections will be held on the same day, which will be very difficult for the opposition, but many economic proposals are on the list.

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For example, they instead lose the resources of local governments They give extra money to (fort) districts: So far, they have been able to hold 3 per cent of local taxes on large investments in special economic zones, of which 20 per cent. The chip is taxed For muesli and stuffed pastaBecause the government says it is unhealthy. If you already have the line: Economic Development Minister Morton Nagy betrayed Some people now levy a special tax in a different form, but It will last longer than originally promised. A list has been added in place of the statutory bill in the new bills May be determined by the Chairman of the Board of AuthorityWhat is available on the shelves of tobacco shops and what is not.

Martin the Great


And They also rewrite the rules of the notification systemThe property declaration system of members of the European Parliament, which the state media called the center of corruption two months ago, is not as serious as in Hungary – however, falling below that level is no small matter.

Refueling rules at major gas stations have changed. First, Mol announced it Instead of 100, only 50 liters can be refueledAnd only one can At market price, Then followed the OMV competitor with a 50-liter refueling range. Petrol price without official price now anyway It will be less than 800 forintsAnd the diesel is slightly higher than the 800 Forinds.

Image of the week: Budapest planned New parking map

Inflation in Hungary It did not start with war, not with sanctions, not even with an epidemic, But before the epidemic, it started with a loose financial and monetary policy, said Giorgi Sureni in the 28th round of the Education Status. External shock contributed to the current inflation, but most of it is domestic, he said. Ékos Péter Bod warned: “The price hike will permanently fill the inflation trend. Somehow this year is not about survival. My fear is that inflation in Hungary will last longer and be higher than elsewhere.

Gyorgy Surányi was talking about dropping Morton Nagy in an exam – everything was under control Government And this Contact Ryanair Compared to. Michael O’Leary is the CEO of Ryanair He fooled the minister every dayHe also talked about Gergely Gulyás and Márton Nagy They are like dumb and dumb, But the company’s complaint to the European Commission about the special tax is not just a communication. Nor is the Ministry of Justice Ordered an extraordinary consumer protection inquiry Against Ryaner.

Georgie Surani


A large number of small entrepreneurs are excited about what awaits them due to the change in KADA rules. There is full agreement Significant proportion of those who pay item taxes to small businesses – Probably the majority – do not pay this general burden in accordance with the original purpose of the tax, but have not yet been resolved. The current bill could be replaced by a better, more sensitive public burden, but the government has a better chance of pursuing a simpler solution.

A one-time increase in the flat rate is now inevitable, but incorporating some form of automation into the system will be far ahead: the tax rate to be paid can be scheduled for the minimum wage, so it will increase. But when the minimum wage rises, the government and the room seem to be thinking of complex solutions as they want to frame the rules, including boundaries, in a lawn mowing manner.

The Hungarian government took a turn on the global minimum tax issue, and Mihali Varga vetoed the EU mandate at a meeting of EU finance ministers. One of the main arguments is that it would mean a tax increase – certainly not, but the tax rate for companies with annual revenues above 7 750 million would have been raised to 9 to 15 percent – but the Hungarian government has also indicated. Many details are not working yet. There will be some time to prepare for the launch in 2023 and the EU will be a competitive disadvantage.

Mihali Varga


As we have shown, arguments do not even come from the air. At the same time, the government certainly has vested interests to veto: they may want to snatch access to the EU recovery fund. In response, it was suggested that 26 member states, excluding Hungary, might decide to introduce a global minimum tax.

Although everything in Hungary is very expensive, those preparing for the holidays face a strange situation as the front weakens that it is still better to choose a holiday in Hungary. We have seen price rises abroad and in Hungary How much would the cost of shelter, food and beverages and fuel, if converted from HUF to local currency, have gone up abroad?

Based on this, it’s a small shock to those traveling to Italy or Malta this summer, and certainly to France, although it is not a cheap place by the money, at least its original high prices have not yet risen painfully. . Going to Austria is also worth it, but Greece or Croatia can cause unpleasant surprises. Holidays in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic no longer seem to be competitive – of course, the better if you use less petrol to settle the trip.


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