The prices of group holidays on the coast and elsewhere in the Mediterranean have soared, which is why big family tourism has become popular again – a comparative report by the BBC has revealed.

Compared to last year, a week’s all-inclusive holiday in Mallorca, Spain, is up 21%. Tenerife is 22% more expensive. Crete 25% in Greece – all in pounds, compiled by the BBC. Comparing all popular holiday destinations on the northern coast of the Mediterranean, the average price increase is 12%.

Although Bulgaria is cheaper, prices there have increased by 13%, and Morocco has also lost its charm, as the price increase was 27% in one year.

The standard deviation is very large depending on which destination is chosen in the destination country and when the holiday is booked. Price hikes are higher in popular locations.

Prices for Britons have risen by an average of 30 per cent since the pre-pandemic period in 2019. In Turkey, for example, it is interesting to note that despite high inflation and a large devaluation of the lira, this has led to higher prices for foreign tourists.

How are families in Britain reacting to this? Big family vacations that seemed like a tradition of the past are back in vogue. The other protection against inflation is that the holiday has become shorter: instead of two weeks, it is only one.

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Doesn’t savings prevent demand? No. “Prices are unlikely to start coming down because demand is outstripping supply. That’s expected next year as well,” said Richard Singer, president of Travel Supermarket.

How can costs be reduced? The BBC also provides tips for:

  • If we are on vacation at home, we don’t have to count the costs of currency exchange and can choose a cheaper destination abroad than before,
  • All-inclusive group trips are usually more cost-effective, but it’s definitely worth checking local prices in advance.
  • Don’t go on vacation in the summer, as school holidays tend to be crowded and prices skyrocket.
  • If we still go on vacation in summer, book the place in advance because it will be very cheap.
  • Don’t fly on the weekend, but rather in the middle of the week.
  • We can contact the travel agency to see if they offer a cheaper price than what we found,
  • Finally, let’s choose a country where the British pound is well exchanged – the BBC suggests, and in the case of the Hungarian forint, of course, finding one isn’t easy.


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