Far-right politician Giorgia Meloni also made it clear: she will do everything to ensure Italy receives billions of euros in subsidies in the future.

Insisting that “whoever wins will govern”, his party has overtaken the left-wing Democratic Party in public opinion polls, giving it a good chance of forming a government with right-wing Forza Italia and the far-right League. September 25. After the election. Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party and League, whose leader Matteo Salvini was a member of Mario Draghi’s government, while Giorgia Meloni was in opposition. Berlusconi and Salvini overthrew the National Unity Government to come to power.

In European capitals and in Washington, they are watching this with keen interest, as Draghi’s government continues to be Atlanticist and one of the EU’s defining positive actors. In contrast, the Italian far-right is strongly EU-sceptic and pro-Russian.

Here’s what Giorgia Meloni, who has good relations with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini, had to say about it: “I’m an Atlanticist, we will supply weapons to Ukraine as before,” Meloni insisted. Interview with La Stampa. The Italian government’s current foreign minister expressed his doubts about Berlusconi’s particularly friendly relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Matteo Salvini, with the support of the Russians, became the leader of the League and briefly Italy’s Minister of the Interior.

Georgia Meloni has established a good relationship with the American Republican Party. Donald Trump has maintained an ambiguous policy on Russia. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a Republican diplomatic adviser, is proposing a quick ceasefire in Ukraine. In his recent interview with Bloomberg, he criticized European leaders for following President Joe Biden’s confrontational diplomacy with Russia and China. Georgia Meloni shares this view.

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They are worried in Brussels

Mario Draghi was previously the president of the European Central Bank and managed to form a national unity government in his country, receiving the largest aid package of all time from the European Union: more than 200 billion euros.

Georgia Meloni told La Stampa that Brussels had no reason to worry. Earlier, Berlusconi raised it as Prime Minister: Italy may leave the Eurozone due to its difficult economic situation. After Draghi’s downfall, international financial markets reacted immediately: charging a higher risk premium for Italian government bonds, fearing that the new far-right government would consider a solution that would see Italy leave the eurozone.

Georgia Meloney now presents herself as a “right-wing Blairite politician”. Tony Blair brought about a turnaround in the British Labor Party, which reconciled the traditional left with neoliberal globalization.

In addition, Giorgia Meloni told La Stampa that she agrees with Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, on the issue of migrants.

Meloni sees the European Union as a cash cow, much like the Hungarian prime minister. According to him, Brussels should send the money and not impose any conditions. That is why he supports the policies of the Hungarian and Polish governments and opposes the actions of Brussels against them.

Italy’s first female prime minister

Georgia Meloni has had a lightning-fast career in the most extravagant Italian domestic politics. The 45-year-old politician graduated from the University of Americo Vespucci with a degree in languages, while earning money bartending at night in bars. He became a journalist and far-right activist and was soon elected head of the youth movement of the neo-fascist party.

He entered parliament in 2006, where he was soon elected vice president. He is the youngest person to do this in Italy. In Berlusconi’s government, he was Minister of Youth Affairs between 2008-2011. In 2012, he founded the Fratelli d’Italia movement to raise the Italian national anthem. Georgia Meloni became leader of the far-right organization in 2014.

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La Stampa also inquired about his relationship with fascism. Meloni replied: “What is in my heart is in my mouth. I had many problems with that. If I wanted to bring back an old system, I would say so, but I never said that. I have always said that I am a supporter of freedom and the West.

Giorgia Meloni has a very stormy relationship with Matteo Salvini, another leader of the Italian far-right. They hadn’t spoken to each other in months, but now Meloni was involved in a plot to overthrow Mario Draghi’s National Unity government. At Silvio Berlusconi’s villa in Rome, Matteo Salvini agreed to topple the Draghi government with the 85-year-old former prime minister. They had a phone conversation with Georgia Meloney.


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